Medieval Pendants & Charms

Our offering of medieval pendants and charms is a varied selection of top quality sterling silver and pewter jewelry. Our pendants feature popular medieval designs like fleur-de-lis, dragons, rampant lions, crowns and crosses. The same goes for our selection of delicate medieval charms. These pendants do not come with a chain, and we do sell chains separately if you do not have a chain already. Our medieval and Renaissance pendants are suitable for men and women and can easily be worn with everyday clothing as well as your medieval garb.
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3D Blade Pendant

Item # CE-300-334
The 3D Blade Pendant is a great gift for those knife aficionados who want to show their love of knives. A knife balances beauty and danger, and this dazzling pendant captures the spirit of that notion so you can wear it each day.

3D Double-Headed Axe Pendant

Item # CE-200-287
With a wide cultural history, the 3D Double-Headed Axe Pendant is a stylish piece of jewelry. Inspired by a devastating weapon, this item captures the spirit of war, which can easily be used to enhance your wardrobe.

3D Labrys Pendant

Item # CE-818-004
Considered to be one of the oldest symbols of Greece, the 3D Labrys Pendant maintains the traditional double headed axe form. Carrying a diverse and rich history this pendant can be a wonderful compliment to any style.

Black and White Fleur de Lis Pendant

Item # AST-1153
The colors black and white contrast with each other so well, they are the base line for contrast. As far as metal goes, silver is the closest you can get to white, making the Black and White Fleur de Lis Pendant well contrasted.

Braided Fleur De Lis Pendant

Item # PS-MPD323
The Fleur De Lis is a stylized lily or iris originating in the middle ages was and is an important historical symbol of nobility and spirituality. Show your royal demeanor with the Braided Fleur De Lis Pendant.

Brass and Copper Spiral Braid Pendant

Item # AJ-0489
If you cannot get enough of artisanal jewelry, be sure to check out this fantastic mixed metal pendant! The Brass and Copper Spiral Braid Pendant is handcrafted from stainless steel and decorated with fine copper and brass details.

Checkered Cross Shield Pendant

Item # AST-1025
The historical elegance of the Checkered Cross Shield Pendant makes it a suitable accent to medieval and renaissance costumes. Reveal to all your appreciation for the rich history of the Middle Ages with this fantastic jewelry piece.

Copper Stone Pendant

Item # AJ-0380
Become the envy of all your friends with this amazing artisan pendant accenting your neckline. The Copper Stone Pendant features a square shape that hangs from one corner and a round, reddish-orange accent stone.

Crusader Maltese Cross Pendant

Item # AST-1163
With multiple popular variations such as the firefighters Cross of St. Florian and the cross of the Order of St. Stephen, the Maltese Cross, like the one seen in the Crusader Maltese Cross Pendant, is instantly recognizable and widely popular!

Double-Sided Classic Lion Rampant Pendant

Item # CE-834-149
The Double-Sided Classic Lion Rampant Pendant captures the spirit of this Irish symbol. Symbolizing bravery, valor, and royalty, this piece does a magnificent job at balancing history with a contemporary piece of jewelry.

Dragon Shield Totem Pendant

Item # 090-DT1
Wear the Dragon Shield Totem Pendant and feel protected by the spirit of these divine mythical beasts. The design of this stainless steel fantasy pendant features twin dragons framing an intricately stylized, gem-embellished dagger.

Dragon Slayer Claymore Pendant

Item # AST-1131
The ancient order of the dragon slayers made their swords and armour with distinctively draconic features. The Dragon Slayer Claymore Pendant depicts one such weapon, a claymore from the ancient order with its winged crossguard.