Medieval LARP Collection

Our Medieval LARP Collection has something for any LARPer who has ever had interest in this definitive era. From essentials to elegantly detailed statement makers, the Medieval LARP Collection includes all manner of LARP weapons and LARP shields to equip everyone from starting squires to practiced paladins, all expertly crafted by Forgotten Dreams. Choose from a variety of LARP shield colors and styles, all made out of high quality, shred resistant foam and coated with protective latex and elastic gloss for durability. This collection includes no shortage of swords, from the essential Medieval Squire LARP Sword to ornate weapons like the Medieval LARP Claymore and golden colored fleur de lis embellished LARP blades, such as the Medieval Paladin LARP Dagger. Shop this section for LARP maces and LARP axes as well, all expertly crafted to look like the real weapons of this historic era. Each weapon features a flexible and durable fiberglass core surrounded by layers of thick, industrial strength foam under a coating of latex, realistic coloration, and a final layer of elastic gloss for safety and sturdiness that, with proper maintenance, will keep these LARP weapons trusted for LARP battle after battle.
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Medieval Knight LARP Sword

Item # FD-1071
A good sword is an essential companion for any adventurous LARPer. Sure to serve its wielder well, the Medieval Knight LARP Sword features an authentic, metallic gray look. This sleek blade is made of durable polyethylene foam.

Medieval Squire LARP Shield in Blue

Item # FD-1054
In a primary hue reminiscent of the night sky, the Medieval Squire LARP Shield in Blue is a fine defense for any LARPer. Its shape is inspired by medieval heater shields, making it ideal for historic-themed live action roleplay.

Medieval Squire LARP Shield in Green

Item # FD-1055
In a shade as deep as an ancient forest, the Medieval Squire LARP Shield in Green is ready to protect its bearer on the battlefield. With its historic and versatile heater shape, this foam shield is an ideal basic for LARP events.

Medieval Squire LARP Shield in Red

Item # FD-1057
Charge into battle guarded by a fiery hue when you equip the Medieval Squire LARP Shield in Red. With its vibrant coloration, this live action roleplay shield is a dynamic defense tool that can be adapted to a variety of LARP themes.

Red Medieval Gralsritter LARP Shield

Item # FD-1132
The Red Medieval Gralsritter LARP Sword is an interpretation of a classic knights shield. Whether you are a knight on a quest for a king, searching high and wide for a princess, or in battle, this is the shield you need at your side.

Red Medieval Hochritter LARP Shield

Item # FD-1140
Your enemies will tremble with fear when you begin the attack, charging into battle with the Red Medieval Hochritter LARP Shield. This versatile defensive tool with vibrant red coloring can be used in a variety of LARP events.

Red Medieval Knight LARP Shield

Item # FD-1147
The Red Medieval Knight LARP Shield is the ideal protection for a variety of tasks, from bravely storming castles to confidently rescuing a damsel in distress. This simple triangular defense is inspired by medieval shield shapes.

Red Medieval Reichsritter LARP Shield

Item # FD-1143
The Red Medieval Reichsritter LARP Shield is a sturdy shield that will help you defend your realm. With a face featuring rich and authentic-looking coloration, this LARP shield is made from latex coated, quality polyethylene foam.