Medieval Goblets & Chalices

Our medieval goblets and chalices are the perfect addition to drinkware collections and feastware sets. With styles ranging from historical to gothic and fantasy, our goblets and chalices category has something for everyone. Here you will find high quality cold cast resin goblets with stainless steel inserts that make them functional pieces to enjoy your favorite drinks from. These goblets feature skull, knight dragon, greenman, Viking, and even pirate designs. We also offer pewter goblets for your most refined occasions or collections. Our chalices have silhouettes that are similar to our goblets, though they may differ in their sizes and have a more ceremonial use. Shop pewter chalices for medieval weddings, Renaissance fairs, and other special occasions here.
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Pirate and Ship Goblet

Item # GB-U-6061
Grab your mate and pour a round of drinks, for tonight you celebrate! Our Pirate and Ship Goblet is the perfect drinking cup for your grog, your rum, or your wine, and makes for an eye-catching detail when giving your next toast.

Pirate Skull Goblet

Item # GB-U-6060
There is nothing like drinking with a pirate. Grab your grog or sip your rum with our Pirate Skull Goblet. Made from cold cast resin, this decorative goblet features a metal lining and unique details making it a must-have collectible cup.

Red and Gold Dragon with Egg Goblet

Item # CC12747
Let a dragon serve your next drink when you add the Red and Gold Dragon with Egg Goblet to your feastware collection. This fantasy goblet features a dragon accent, with its body forming the stem and its head and wings framing the cup.

Red Skulls Dragon Claw Goblet

Item # EV-10111
Fit for a wicked fantasy king or lord of dragons, this Red Skulls Dragon Claw Goblet has powerful imagery in its design. Within the scaly claws of a dragon, the cup of this goblet is formed by masses of grinning human skulls.

Residenz Wine Roemer

Item # CG5095
This Residenz Wine Roemer is decorated with an elegant design and accented by Fleur de Lis around the rim. The classic pewter goblet has a flared stem for a striking look. It is a unique item to display when not in use.

Ruah Vered Goblet

Item # AG-AAG51
The pentagram symbol represents the fifth element, the spirit or Breath of Life, bound together with all nature. The Ruah Vered Goblet displays a romantic and sensual rose of love passionately entwined with a textured pentagram.

Rubin Wine Chalice

Item # CG5075
Perfect for wedding toasts, Medieval feasts, and other momentous occasions, the Rubin Wine Chalice is finely crafted from German lead free pewter. The bowl of the pewter chalice features scrollwork patterns over a textured background.

Seaworthy Buccaneer Goblet

Item # 05-44077
Feast your eyes on the rich cup that sits before you. The jolly features of the pirate crossbones smiles back at you. Savor the taste of your drink and honor the daring escapades of the sea with the Seaworthy Buccaneer Goblet.

Serene Greenman Goblet

Item # CC13025
Toast and thank the spirits of the earth with the Serene Greenman Goblet. Embrace the tradition and lore of this ancient deity with this drinkware. This goblet is a great collectible or gift for nature lovers and fantasy enthusiasts.

Silver Skull Chalice

Item # EV-10117
A horde of skulls forms this gothic cup, their faces frozen in endless, wicked grins. The Silver Skull Chalice adds a flash of finesse to gothic dining, hand painted in an astounding silver tone and made of quality cold cast resin.

Skeleton Arm Goblet

Item # 060-2602
With its creepy detailing, this gothic goblet looks as though it could have been taken from a haunted house or an underground crypt! The Skeleton Arm Goblet features a bony arm that forms the stem and grips the bowl of the glass.

Skeleton Flame Gothic Goblet

Item # EV-10090
Bring fiendish delight to your next gothic feasting with the Skeleton Flame Gothic Goblet on your table. This cold cast resin goblet features human bone detail on its stone colored, tribal cup. Its spine-style stem ends in red flames.