Medieval Goblets & Chalices

Our medieval goblets and chalices are the perfect addition to drinkware collections and feastware sets. With styles ranging from historical to gothic and fantasy, our goblets and chalices category has something for everyone. Here you will find high quality cold cast resin goblets with stainless steel inserts that make them functional pieces to enjoy your favorite drinks from. These goblets feature skull, knight dragon, greenman, Viking, and even pirate designs. We also offer pewter goblets for your most refined occasions or collections. Our chalices have silhouettes that are similar to our goblets, though they may differ in their sizes and have a more ceremonial use. Shop pewter chalices for medieval weddings, Renaissance fairs, and other special occasions here.
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Dragon Wings Wine Goblet

Item # CC10081
Few magical creatures in mythology convey the powerful and mysterious nature of dragons. The Dragon Wings Wine Goblet uses the image of this winged beast to create an imposing, dramatic piece of glassware.

English Goblet

Item # CC12340
Defending the kingdom is thirsty work! Drink like a knight and quench your thirst with the English Goblet. Despite the heavy, metal appearance of this goblet, it is made of a cold cast resin, so it is much lighter than you think.

Geared Steampunk Goblet

Item # CC12993
Whether you are an airship engineer or other rogue persona, any character from a world of steam will enjoy drinking from the Geared Steampunk Goblet. This fantastic drinkware adds style to any home decor and makes a great gift.

Gothic Dragon Wine Goblet

Item # CC10080
Dragons surround themselves with hoards of treasure, making their image synonymous with wealth and riches. The Gothic Dragon Wine Goblet includes dragon heads among its intricate patterns, giving this goblet dramatic flair.

Gothic Prayer Goblet

Item # CC10373
No other goblet will send quite the same message as this dramatic piece. The Gothic Prayer Goblet features an oval print on its bowl, based on the work by Anne Stokes, with clear accent crystals around its stem and bowl.
$20.00 $18.00

Gothic Skeleton Goblet

Item # CC11701
If you not only talk the talk, but also like to walk the walk, then this Gothic Skeleton Goblet is for you. Designed by renowned artist Anne Stokes, this goblet is made from quality cold cast resin and is skillfully hand painted.

Green Dragon Chalice

Item # 060-2393
Do you know what makes a drink better? Why, if you enjoy it from a nice chalice, instead of a traditional cup! If you like dragons, then there is no equal to this Green Dragon Chalice, will performs as a drinking vessel and decoration!

Greenman Goblet

Item # CC10296
A symbol of rebirth, the natural world, and spring, the Greenman appears in the mythologies of countries around the world. The Greenman Goblet features this deity with his face forming out of the leaves and branches of a tree.

Grey Dragon Stem Goblet

Item # CC13144
Dragons are powerful and impressive creatures. Imbue your drinks with their majesty by drinking out of the Grey Dragon Stem Goblet at your next meal. This elegant goblet is a fantastic addition to any dragon or drinkware collection.

Happy Tree Chalice

Item # 060-2715
Invoke the magic of an enchanted forest when you make use of the Happy Tree Chalice. This cold cast resin fantasy chalice has been artfully crafted to emulate the appearance of an ancient tree inhabited by a kind forest spirit.

Holy Grail Cast Pewter Goblet

Item # WU-1800
After all this time, it has finally been found. Or at least this stunning version of its likeness. The Holy Grail Cast Pewter Goblet is inspired by the medieval cup of legend sought after by the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table.

Horseback Medieval Knight Goblet

Item # CC11099
Thanks to the Horseback Medieval Knight Goblet, there is truly no place where your love of medieval knights cannot be shown, even in your fancy feastware! This stunning drinking goblet features amazing detail and is fully functional.