Medieval Goblets & Chalices

Our medieval goblets and chalices are the perfect addition to drinkware collections and feastware sets. With styles ranging from historical to gothic and fantasy, our goblets and chalices category has something for everyone. Here you will find high quality cold cast resin goblets with stainless steel inserts that make them functional pieces to enjoy your favorite drinks from. These goblets feature skull, knight dragon, greenman, Viking, and even pirate designs. We also offer pewter goblets for your most refined occasions or collections. Our chalices have silhouettes that are similar to our goblets, though they may differ in their sizes and have a more ceremonial use. Shop pewter chalices for medieval weddings, Renaissance fairs, and other special occasions here.
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Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet

Item # CC10076
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet features a Celtic-style dragon with outspread wings and a barbed tail.

Celtic Raven Clock

Item # CC11105
Any enthusiast of Celtic culture knows that the raven holds an important place in its mythology, as it is often depicted among gods and goddesses. This Celtic Raven Clock gives you the chance to display them in your favorite room.

Celtic Tree of Life Goblet

Item # CC11101
The Tree of Life is one of the most beloved Celtic symbols, for it represents the everlasting cycle of being. Now, you can showcase this symbol everywhere, even in your favorite feastware, thanks to the Celtic Tree of Life Goblet!

Copper Dragon Stem Goblet

Item # CC13145
Legends tell tales of dragons hoarding various treasures. Precious drinks are no exceptions as the dragon in the Copper Dragon Stem Goblet reveals. This elegant goblet is a fantastic addition to any dragon or drinkware collection.

Crusader Goblet

Item # CC12334
Conquer the holy lands for king and country with this Crusader Goblet! Cold cast from the finest resin, this Templar helmet shaped goblet is painstakingly hand painted, resulting in a highly detailed, quality drinking cup.

Double Dragon Chalice

Item # CC12912
Hand painted to look like an ancient golden cup, the Double Dragon Chalice is a magnificent medieval drinkware choice. The cast resin stemmed drinking cup features two highly detailed dragons on each side in dark metallic silver.

Double Dragon Heart Goblet

Item # CC11557
Textured and delicately hand painted to mimic the looks of stone and dragon scale, the Double Dragon Heart Goblet depicts intricately detailed dragons posed with their heads together and wings outspread, creating the shape of a heart.

Double Dragon Skull Goblet

Item # CC11558
The Double Dragon Skull Goblet features not one, but two dragons with their claws clutched around a frightful human skull. Its intricate textures and hand-painted details evoke the look of red dragon scale and ancient dark stone.

Dragon Chalice

Item # 060-2101
The Dragon Chalice is a great way to drink in style. This chalice would look great if used as an attractive decoration around any or room. Even better, the addition of an inset makes this a great drinking vessel, too.

Dragon Claw Glass Chalice

Item # CC12898
Serve up your favorite drinks the dragon way when you add the Dragon Claw Glass Chalice to your drinkware collection. This dragon glass has a cast resin stem and base shaped like a scaly dragon claw emerging from short waves.

Dragon Eye Goblet

Item # CC12254
Nothing will say how powerful you are quite like drinking from a goblet wrapped in the skin and adorned with the eye of a dragon. Our Dragon Eye Goblet looks like it was once a dragon, though it is really made of cold cast resin.

Dragon Knot Wine Goblet

Item # CC10079
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Dragon Knot Wine Goblet features two dragons facing each other amid Celtic knotwork.