Medieval Earrings

With many different styles of medieval and Renaissance earrings to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pair to go with your historical clothing. You will find long, dangle style earrings encrusted with rhinestones and other simulated jewels, post style earrings, and hook style earrings with classic medieval and Renaissance symbols and designs. Most of our earrings are made from fine sterling silver, if not the material used will be listed under each product. These medieval earrings are perfect for any occasion or everyday wear.
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Garnet Marcasite Drop Earrings

Item # WH-S04331-SGT
Dramatic and unique, the Garnet Marcasite Drop Earrings feature an elongated teardrop design that ends with a vibrantly hued garnet gemstone. Small marcasite elements stud the design for additional glitter.

Gold Fleur de Lis Artisan Earrings

Item # AJ-0591
The fleur de lis has appeared in artwork for hundreds of years, serving as a symbol of royalty. The Gold Fleur de Lis Artisan Earrings feature this traditional icon, adding elegant flourishes in the curling petals and leaves.

Graduated Loop Necklace and Earring Set

Item # 12201
The Graduated Loop Necklace and Earring Set is 2.125 inches tall at its longest point and is adjustable from 16-20 inches. The earrings of this set are 1 inch. The Graduated Loop Necklace and Earring Set is plated in Sterling Silver.

Green Aventurine Antique Brass Earrings

Item # AJ-0716
Whether incorporated into a fantasy look, medieval outfit, or modern wear, the Green Aventurine Antique Brass Earrings add a captivating elegance to your style. Each French hook earring features a large, faceted aventurine stone.

Hand Of Macbeth Earrings

Item # AG-E378
Beware the lure of ultimate power, for it will lead to your own downfall. The Hand of Macbeth Earrings are engraved with 1606, the year Shakespeare wrote the Scottish play Macbeth, a bloody tragedy of regicide, murder, and tyranny.

Hastos Fantasy Earrings

Item # AJ-0781
Queens of any realm should look regal with their jewelry and accessories. The Hastos Fantasy Earrings add that royal touch to your majestic ensemble. They are a truly versatile piece of jewelry for costumes and modern outfits.

Hathor Fantasy Earrings

Item # AJ-0774
If you are looking for statement earrings befitting a goddess or deity, the Hathor Fantasy Earrings, made with turquoise, may be the perfect choice. They are a great accessory for a variety of modern and historically inspired styles.

Keely Celtic Earrings

Item # AJ-0745
Whether a Celtic maiden or modern lass, the Keely Celtic Earrings look wonderful in a variety of settings. They make a fantastic personal accessory. These earrings work great with many different modern or historical ensembles.

Laena Roman Earrings

Item # AJ-0783
Ladies of a Roman or modern home should show off their elegance in every piece of their outfits. Add the Laena Roman Earrings to your everyday wear. They are also ideal for fantasy or historical events such as faires or conventions.

Lapis Silver Rectangle Earrings

Item # AJ-0621
Lose yourself in beautiful depths of blue when you wear the Lapis Silver Rectangle Earrings. These gemstone dangle earrings showcase gorgeous, oval shaped lapis lazuli stones set on antique finished, silver plated rectangular panels.

Lapis Silver Tassel Earrings

Item # AJ-0611
Elegance and artistry combine to create the Lapis Silver Tassel Earrings. Enchanting oval shaped lapis lazuli gemstones are set in each dangle earring, thoughtfully complemented by the antique finished, silver plated construction.

Lapis Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Item # WH-S01513-LP
Add the perfect touch of elegance to your ensemble whenever you wear these charming sterling silver earrings. The Lapis Sterling Silver Stud Earrings display a central oval lapis lazuli stone as the focal point of the design.