Medieval Crossbows

We have a large variety of Medieval Crossbows that look like they came straight from the castle's guard. All of our Medieval Crossbows are decorative, they are great conversation pieces and home decor. Our crossbows all have functioning parts and will shoot, however they are intended for decorative purposes only. We have several styles of crossbows such as Rams Head, Italian, Spanish and French.
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Crossbow Belt Hanger

Item # AH-5122
In between targets, you need a easy way to span your crossbow and load a new bolt for your next shot. By attaching this Crossbow Belt Hanger to your belt, you can use it to span your crossbow more easily for less time between shots.

Crossbow Bolts

Item # AH-5120
The mechanics of a crossbow are why it was a favored weapon among soldiers and hunters of the medieval era, but the bolt is what made it so deadly. Be sure you are always prepared to fire your weapon with these Crossbow Bolts.

Crossbow Windlass

Item # AH-5103TN
Developed to decrease the time between reloads, the windlass uses cords and pulleys attached to hand cranks to draw the bow string back. This functional Crossbow Windlass can be used to span and load heavy crossbows and arbalests.

Curved Medieval Crossbow

Item # ME-0001
Beautifully designed in the shape of a pistol grip crossbow, the Curved Medieval Crossbow is functional and perfect for those with an interest in medieval weaponry. This crossbow includes an authentic bolt to allow for immediate use.

Giant Castle Defense Crossbow

Item # ED4606
Crossbows of the Middle Ages saved many castles from sieges. The Giant Castle Defense Crossbow is a fantastic version of those historical weapons. This crossbow makes a wonderful decoration for a home office or a gift for a friend.

Giant Tower Guards Crossbow

Item # ME-0010
Experience a touch of medieval history with the Giant Tower Guards Crossbow. This magnificent weapon is functional to fire and is an extraordinary decoration, bringing a unique historical appeal to any room in which it is displayed.

Heavy 17th Century Crossbow

Item # ME-0014
Fashioned in a 17th century design with an intricate and stylish rifle butt stock, the Heavy 17th Century Crossbow is an exquisite decoration which will emanate a rich historical attractiveness throughout any room it is displayed in.

Large 15th Century Medieval Crossbow

Item # ME-0021
Exemplifying the look of a medieval crossbow, the Large 15th Century Medieval Crossbow is a spectacular display piece for the home of all history buffs. It is elegantly designed and crafted from exceptionally high quality materials.

Large Castle Defense Crossbow

Item # ME-0008
Ornately crafted to emulate the design of an early 15th century crossbow, the Large Castle Defense Crossbow makes for a beautiful piece of home decor. It is also able to be fired, allowing you to tangibly relate to the medieval era.

Large Primitive Style Crossbow

Item # ME-0004
Designed in medieval styling, the Large Primitive Style Crossbow features a long and comfortable stock. On the back of this stock is a simplified trigger mechanism, which operates directly on the bowstring without the use of a gear.

Large Rams Head Crossbow

Item # ED4610
The ram is an animal often associated with sieging a castle. The Large Rams Head Crossbow honors that legacy with this fantastic decorative replica. It makes a great gift for a weapons or history enthusiast or a wonderful decor item.

Large Rams Head Crossbow

Item # ME-0018
A magnificent replica of a 15th century siege style crossbow, the Large Rams Head Crossbow is crafted in Italy from exceptionally high quality materials. It is a superb home accent with its vastly detailed and authentic design.