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Medieval Banners & Standards

We are proud to offer you our selection of medieval banners and standards. Many of our medieval castle banners, standards, and pennants are handcrafted or have their incredible designs silk-screened by hand. Shop medieval castle pennants and other heraldry banners here as well as canvas standards for jousting and adding authenticity to reenactment displays, theater stages, and Renaissance fair settings. If you want to add some medieval castle style to your own home, you can do it with our great selection of medieval banners and standards here. We offer an incredible variety of colors and designs as well, including dragon banners, Celtic pennants, griffin banners, rampant lion banners, Templar knight banners, and more.
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Canvas Standard

Item # MY100346
Made from sturdy cotton, the Canvas Standard is a great way to declare your presence at any LARP event or historical reenactment. Available in several colors, this banner can easily be affixed to various mounting through its loops.

Celtic Cross Banner

Item # ED609
This banner depicts a four-armed cross with a Celtic knotwork design. An ancient symbol of balance, originally carved on stone. It represents the four directions, the four elements, the four seasons, and pre-dates the Christian Cross.

Celtic Dragon Banner

Item # ED607
The Celt Dragon poised to strike as his tail curls and wings expand! The Celtic Dragon is a feared creature of medieval lore. The Celts and Saxons adopted their images from the battle standards brought there by the Roman legions.

Celtic Dragon Pennant

Item # ED623
The feared Celt Dragon poised to strike as his tail curls and wings expand! The Celts and Anglo-Saxons adopted their images from the battle standards brought to their land by the Roman legions and the head and wings of an eagle.

Celtic Triscele Banner

Item # ED615
Our Celtic Triscele Banner features an ancient symbol of eternity, as well as The Trinity of Life, which includes; Mind, Body, and Spirit. Life, Death, and Rebirth. The Celtic Triscele Banner has a deep red top with a black bottom.

Crusader Knight Order of Calatrava Banner by Marto

Item # MA-MF1528S
The Crusader Knight Order of Calatrava Banner by Marto features a black field with black edging. In the center of the field is the Crusader Calatrava cross in red. This banner is cotton, with the Calatrava cross embroidered on both sides.

Gallant Knight In Armour Banner

Item # ED604
Regaled in full armor, this Knight approaches the field on his noble steed. The Gallant Knight is ready to fight to the death for the honor and favor of his Maiden. The Gallant Knight Banner features a black top with purple bottom.

Great Griffin Banner

Item # ED608
This mythological beast from Mesopotamia and ancient Babylon guards and protects all, gifted with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. This Medieval banner depicts a gryphon with claws raised in anticipation of battle!

Great Griffin Pennant

Item # ED624
The gryphon is a protective symbol that represents strength and vigilance. The Great Griffin pennant is made of durable cotton and includes a wooden hanging rod. The griffin is silk screened in silver on a black background.

Great Heraldic Banner

Item # ED612
The crest of the Heraldic banner is a double headed eagle with a crown between them. The Heraldic Banner coat of arms banners depicting great crests have hung in the halls of medieval nobility symbolizing rank and power.

Heraldic Eagle Pennant

Item # ED625
The Heraldic Eagle Pennant is a powerful eagle with its beautiful wings spread out. This inspiring medieval pennant will add honor and a royal touch to all decors! The eagle on this medieval pennant is an image inspired by falconry.

Heralds Banner

Item # ON1202
The Heralds banner is great accessory to the Herald trumpet and can also be used to hang on a wall of your home. The Heralds banner features a yellow medieval style banner with an embroidery of a red Rampant lion in the middle.