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Medieval Archery Arm Guards

Our traditional Medieval archery arm guards will keep your lower arm from being hurt when target shooting, re-enactments or hunting. Our Medieval arm guards are handcraft from great quality leather and will provide an archer the utmost protection. Medieval Arm guards will last you many years and is a must for any serious traditional archer.
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Ring of Power Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6108
By the power of the One Ring, let your arm be steady and your aim be true! The Ring of Power Archers Arm Guard is a work inspired by the Lord of the Rings story, featuring the very same script that wraps around and within the One Ring.

Roaring Bear Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6102
Not only does the Roaring Bear Archers Arm Guard provide you with protection when you are shooting your preferred bow, but it also has an ferocious design that will make you look like one intimidating warrior or bowman!

Robin Archers Glove

Item # MY100546
Maintain a firm grip on your bow as you let loose an arrow, striking your target between the eyes. The Robin Archers Glove protects your drawing hand from the inconvenient injury and pain caused by recoiled strings and passing arrows.

Tree of Gondor Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6104
As skilled as their archers were, those from Middle Earth still sought to protect their arm from the snap of a bowstring. When you put on one of these White Tree Archers Arm Guards, you will feel just like a bowman from Gondor.

Woodland Archers Arm Guard

Item # DK6109
As the orc army trudged down the Kings road, the elf stood guard. One brute turned to follow a deer. The ranger drew her bow, the Woodland Archers Arm Guard blending in with the dappled oaks. The arrow whispered death to the orc.