A machete is like a large cleaver that is normally used to cut through thick vegetation. If you are a camper or hunter a machete is the perfect tool to cut through that thick forest. We have several types of machetes that are fully functional. We carry Latin machetes, barong machetes, bolo machetes, bowie machetes, and heavy machetes just to name a few of them. Machetes can also be used as an offensive weapon as well as a tool for any activities that you desire.
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Condor Daikaiju Machete

Item # BK-CTK418123HC
You do not have to live in the jungle to appreciate the chopping power of a good machete. Great for many of your outdoor needs like splitting wood, this Condor Daikaiju Machete will instantly enhance any arsenal of outdoor tools.

Condor Engineer Bolo Machete

Item # BK-CTK41715HC
Featuring a heavy duty design that works like an axe mixed with a machete, the Condor Engineer Bolo Machete is a supreme beast of an outdoor weapon. The thick, durable steel and strong cutting edge make for an ideal chopping blade.

Condor Jungolo Machete

Item # BK-CTK3915133
Machetes have been used for years for combat, agriculture, and household tasks like meat-cutting. The Condor Jungolo Machete adds an element of style to this multi-functional blade, bringing you a truly stunning tactical sword.

Condor Makara Machete

Item # BK-CTK28081875
Machetes have enjoyed popularity in all corners of the planet, from South America to Asia. The Condor Makara Machete takes a variant of this sword from the East and makes it accessible for you to use in your own back yard.

Condor Pack Golok Survival Machete

Item # BK-CTK25211HC
A multi-purpose tool for jobs both big and small, the Condor Pack Golok Survival Machete is the perfect balance and size to act as both a knife and a machete. Be sure to have this machete on your side during your next adventure!

Condor Village Parang Machete

Item # BK-CTK41912HC
Historically developed to handle the woody vegetation of South East Asia, the parang is the optimal weapon for heavy chopping action. This Condor Village Parang Machete is a stunning weapon that is ideal for hours of work at a time.

Condor Warlock Machete

Item # BK-CTK253125HC
Anyone who enjoys working outdoors knows the importance of a strong machete for all of their chopping and heavy duty slashing needs. Look no further than this Condor Warlock Machete for a quality weapon that can stand up to the task!

Condor Yoshimi Machete

Item # BK-CTK1807193
In Japanese, the word yoshimi means beautiful or excellent, words that are often used worldwide to describe Japanese blades. The Condor Yoshimi Machete embodies both adjectives, bringing you a sleek sword based on the Japanese style.

Crocodilian Machete

Item # BK-CTK424123HC
For a unique and versatile blade, the Crocodilian Machete makes an excellent choice. This functional machete possesses a high carbon steel blade with a full tang and natural finish, matching a great look with superb performance.

Cutlass Machete by Cold Steel

Item # 07-97DRMZ
The Cutlass Machete is inspired by the 1917 Cutlass and features a strong carbon steel blade that would have been the weapon of choice for pirates, privateers, and sailors who were fighting for power and control of the high seas.
$50.00 $40.00

Discord Machete

Item # BK-CTK42118HC
Sow unrest among your enemies with a little help from this striking functional machete! The Discord Machete possesses a high carbon steel blade with a black epoxy powder coating that gives it its intimidating appearance.

Dual Colored Biohazard Sawback Machete

Item # NP-H-1315
This fierce-looking blade inspires fear in the undead, that is, if they have anything left to feel. It is not all about looks though, the Dual Colored Biohazard Sawback Machete assists in daily survival tasks and warding off zombies.