A machete is like a large cleaver that is normally used to cut through thick vegetation. If you are a camper or hunter a machete is the perfect tool to cut through that thick forest. We have several types of machetes that are fully functional. We carry Latin machetes, barong machetes, bolo machetes, bowie machetes, and heavy machetes just to name a few of them. Machetes can also be used as an offensive weapon as well as a tool for any activities that you desire.
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Black Survival Kukri Machete

Item # NP-H-1318
While the design of the Black Survival Kukri Machete serves well for combat, its original purpose was more utilitarian. Whether you traverse the forest in pursuit of game or to test your survival skills, include this blade in your gear.

Black Tactical Kukri Machete

Item # NP-H-4871
A journey into the wilderness far from the confines of the modern world requires the right tools. Designed with a blade style that has withstood the test of time, the Black Tactical Kukri Machete is a must-have for your survival gear.

Black Zombie Hunter Toothed Machete

Item # MC-ZB-064
Influenced by the Macuahuitl, an Aztec weapon, the Black Zombie Hunter Toothed Machete displays a series of notches along its blade, giving it a toothed appearance. The black machete has a blunt tip and saw back.

Bolo Machete - Micarta Handle

Item # CTK227-15HCM
Originating in the Philippines, a classic bolo design features a blade that curves and widens towards the tip to create a powerful cut when swung. Faithfully reproduced, this Bolo Machete does not disappoint in that regard.

Bolo Machete by Cold Steel

Item # 07-97LBMS
The machete has proven to be the ultimate outdoor and survival tool for some time. Featuring a fat point that shifts its weight forward for excellent chopping and slashing, the Bolo Machete is a must-have rugged utility tool.
$28.00 $22.40

Bowie Machete

Item # 07-97BWM12S
The legend of the Bowie knife lives on today, and few are unaware of its reputation. This Bowie Machete draws on its classic form to make a short machete that is lightning quick and wildly effective at a variety of survival tasks.
$34.00 $27.20

Bushcraft Parang Machete

Item # BK-CTK42313HC
Get some real chopping power when you grasp this high-quality machete in your hands! The Bushcraft Parang Machete possesses the ideal curved shape for cutting woody material without becoming stuck or lodged within it.

Carbon Steel Kukri Machete by Cold Steel

Item # 07-97KMPS
Anyone who has spent time in the wilderness can attest to the invaluable and versatile nature of a good machete. Designed to aid you in nearly any task , the Carbon Steel Kukri Machete by Cold Steel exemplifies these qualities.
$35.00 $28.00

Carbon Steel Thai Machete by Cold Steel

Item # 07-97THAMS
Whether you find yourself stranded in the wild or simply need to clean up the brush around your property, the Carbon Steel Thai Machete by Cold Steel is exactly what you need. This is a machete that embodies the Thai style sword.
$50.00 $40.00

Colombian Sawback Kukri Machete

Item # UC2778
The Colombian Sawback Kukri Machete is the perfect hiking, hunting, or camping companion. Its classic kukri blade design has been well-proven in the toughest jungles for hundreds of years, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Colombian Sawback Machete

Item # UC8008
The jungle will not play gentle as you are struggling to survive, so even the playing field with the Colombian Sawback Machete. True warriors of the jungle know that the machete is the weapon of choice offering a range of uses.

Condor Australian Army Machete

Item # BK-CTK1808129
Machetes are one of the most easily identifiable and versatile swords whose popularity extends throughout the planet. The Condor Australian Army Machete replicates those used by the Australian army for combat and agrarian purposes.