A machete is like a large cleaver that is normally used to cut through thick vegetation. If you are a camper or hunter a machete is the perfect tool to cut through that thick forest. We have several types of machetes that are fully functional. We carry Latin machetes, barong machetes, bolo machetes, bowie machetes, and heavy machetes just to name a few of them. Machetes can also be used as an offensive weapon as well as a tool for any activities that you desire.
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Black Kukri Machete

Item # ZS-926823-BK
With a design that is more sleek and streamlined than its predecessor, this Black Kukri Machete comes off more as a small sword, although it lacks none of the effectiveness that made the original one of the best knives for cutting.
$17.90 $16.11

Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete

Item # BK-UC1184
The Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete features one piece of tempered, 420 stainless steel with a coated non-glare black finish. It features a nylon cord wrapped grip, and a fiber reinforced nylon sheath with lashing grommets.

Black Sawback Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1332-BK
Tackle numerous tasks during your next camping trip with the Black Sawback Bush Machete. Serrations trail the spine, increasing the utility of the Latin style blade. This all-purpose tool is a must-have for the modern survivalist.

Black Sawback Kukri Machete

Item # NP-H-4882
With a blade designed to maximize its utility, the Black Sawback Kukri Machete assists the survivalist in completing a multitude of tasks. Whether a project requires chopping, sawing, or carving, this bush hog machete has your back.

Black Serrated Bush Machete

Item # ZS-926859
No exploration of thick foliage, whether in a remote sector of the Amazon or an overgrown backyard, is successful without a good blade. The Black Serrated Bush Machete is perfect for cutting down vegetation and other obstacles.
$17.90 $16.11

Black Serrated Zombie Machete

Item # MC-ZB-157GB
When you have an outdoors job that requires a heavy duty blade, be sure your tool is up to the task! The Black Serrated Zombie Machete features a striking look and a high quality construction, giving you the best of both worlds.
$22.00 $19.80

Black Steel Bolo Machete

Item # NP-H-1316
Your journey to lands unknown will bring you through dense forest and dangerous places. Be prepared and have your Black Steel Bolo Machete by your side at all times! you never know when you may need to use it to fight to survive.

Black Steel Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1317
The modern sword, machetes are a multi-use tool that can seriously come in handy out in the wilderness. Whether you need to defend yourself, cut something down, or chop something up, the Black Steel Bush Machete is the tool to use!

Black Steel Jungle Machete

Item # MC-JM-030A
Believe it or not, this machete has two features going for it, and both are great in practice. First, the Black Steel Jungle Machete has a wicked and useful blade. Second, it has an exceedingly vibrant bright neon-green handle.

Black Steel Kukri Machete

Item # NP-H-1343
Also known as a bush hog machete, the kukri style machete, like the Black Steel Kukri Machete, is a slightly curved utility tool designed for chopping down medium vegetation, such as the kind found in forests and light jungles.

Black Survival Cleaver Machete

Item # NP-H-1330
The presence of foliage and thick vegetation should not prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. Whether you are hiking through a national forest or sprucing up your own backyard, the Black Survival Cleaver Machete is up to the task.

Black Survival Gherka Machete

Item # NP-S-1
Your camping gear is incomplete without the presence of the Black Survival Gherka Machete. Thanks to its kukri style blade, modern survivalists can master their way through the various challenges and tasks of an outdoor adventure.