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Leather Leg Armor

Armoring your legs before you head into battle is a very important thing. Why, you might ask? Because nothing will stop a warrior faster than when they have their legs cut right out from under them. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of leather leg armor, to help keep any warriors legs properly protected, as well as nicely styled. Leather leg armor can consist of many pieces, and that is why we carry such a wide variety, ensuring that every warrior can be just as protected as they want, while still featuring the exact look and style that they wish. We offer full leg armor that virtually provides the utmost protection you could possibly want for your legs, as well as a great selection of greaves that provide protection to your lower legs and calves, ensuring that you are protected yet still light and mobile. We also have a selection of cuisse, thigh armor, and tassets, for providing that added touch of protection to your upper legs, along with the rarely seen sabatons that will offer great protection to your feet. Much of our leg armor is crafted from either 13-15 oz armor grade leather or from lighter 7-8 oz leather that is perfect for use in LARP battles. Some of it is also custom-made, which means that it will fit your measurements and provide a quality fit and a high degree of protection, just like good medieval leg armor should! What else could reenactors want, other than a good set of leather leg armor from Dark Knight Armoury? What is that? Low costs? We have that too, and that is why we are one of the best leather armorers around!
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3/4 Mercenary Leather Legs

Item # DK5230
Our 3/4 Mercenary Legs are made of thick, combat ready 13/15 oz. leather. The knee features your choice of a classic clover style or fishtail style design. These legs are fully articulated and includes all straps and buckles needed.

Albrecht Greaves

Item # MY100246
Keep your shins safe with our Albrecht Greaves. Made from leather naturally tanned for an authentic look, each medieval armour piece features four segments connected with grommets, giving this set its layered appearance.

Albrecht Tassets

Item # MY100248
The Albrecht Tassets are a great addition to any set of light combat armour, medieval outfit, or LARP ensemble. Made of high-quality leather and suede, these tassets are adjustable for a versatile and comfortable fit.

Alistair Greaves

Item # MY100854
Whether an elven ranger or dragon slayer, a warrior needs to protect their legs from an enemy. Wear the Alistair greaves when marching into battle. They are ideal when attending a fantasy convention, medieval faire, or LARP event.

Alistair Leather Greaves

Item # MY100162
Nothing can slow a warrior down like a strike to the shins. Do not succumb to such a simple attack and allow your opponent an easy advantage. Ensure a strong stance and protect yourself with the Alistair Leather Greaves.

Antonius Leather Tassets

Item # MY100577
Protect yourself on the LARP battlefield when you add the Antonius Leather Tassets to your leather armour ensemble. Using high-quality, handcrafted leather panels riveted together, this tasset pair helps defend your lower body.

Antonius Leather Tassets

Item # MY100855
An adventurer knows that armour is important when traveling. The Antonius Leather Tassets will protect the upper thighs from bandits or highwaymen. You can add a bit of historical detail to an outfit for a convention or LARP event.

Anvard Leather Greaves

Item # MY100424
With agility and strength, you efficiently counter an upper attack. The frustrated opponent aims for your shin, but to no avail. The Anvard Leather Greaves protect your lower leg, allowing you to focus on winning this battle.

Banded Leather Greaves - 13/15 oz.

Item # DK5200-1
Our banded greaves have a great look to them. You can get them with contrasting colors or all one. These greaves will fit men and women. Our Standard size is 17 inches from bottom of greave to top. Great for use in LARP and SCA.

Banded Leather Greaves - 7/8 oz.

Item # DK5200
Our banded greaves have a great look to them. You can get them with contrasting colors or all one. These greaves will fit men and women. Our Standard size is 17 inches from bottom of greave to top. Great for use in LARP and SCA.

Baudouin Leather Greaves

Item # RT-189
Attacking an opponents legs is considered a good way to permanently disable your foe. You know this, and your opponent knows this. All the more reason to protect your lower legs by wearing a pair of Baudouin Leather Greaves!

Beaufort Greaves

Item # RT-119
Stylish and efficient are two words that perfectly describe these Beaufort Greaves. Far from just decorative, these half-greaves are handcrafted from quality materials to ensure they look fantastic and provide great protection.