Leather Gloves

Gloves aren't just a fashion accessory no, they serve a purpose, even if, sometimes, that purpose is to compliment an outfit perfectly. But at other times, gloves exist to serve other purposes: they can offer a modicum of protection for the hands when faced with a life-or-death battle, they can add extra grip when needed to a sword or shield hand, they can hide the hands for whatever reason is necessary, and in a pinch, they can even be worn to keep your hands warm. But regardless of use, we offer a wide array of gloves for your wearing pleasure: plain leather gloves, white leather gloves, and suede gloves. And that is not even counting the gloves we feature from such well-known sources as Robin Hood and Assassins Creed. So check out our glove section today; they are simple but effective, and they make great additions to almost any costume.
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Suede Celtic Gloves

Item # MCI-3290
You cannot underestimate the power of a great pair of gloves. Whether as the next piece of your cosplay, reenactment outfit, or LARP character, the Suede Celtic Gloves will help you form a cohesive look while lending light protection.

Suede Gauntlet Gloves

Item # MH-S0606
Most gauntlets are not intended to be worn without an underlayer of protection, and these Suede Gauntlet Gloves offer that protection in comfortable style. They feature a top stitched quilted appearance and moderately extended cuff.

Suede Kandor Gloves

Item # MY100304
Made of high-quality leather and featuring adornments both stylish and functional, the Suede Kandor Gloves are great for wearing as part of any LARP or historical reenactment look and are also suitable for wearing under gauntlets.

Suede Leather Gloves

Item # AH-6172
Fine gloves go well with just about any look you can imagine. Knights, kings, warriors, swordsmen, soldiers, brigands, bandits, wizards, and more can all enjoy the look of good gloves, and these Suede Leather Gloves are just that.

Suede Swordsman Gloves

Item # MCI-2231
These gauntlets are made from suede leather and are very comfortable and soft. Whether you do real sword reenacting or LARPing, if you want to avoid losing grip of your weapon due to sweaty hands, you will need a good pair of gloves.

Thief Leather Gloves

Item # MCI-3337
Skilled thieves require dexterity and a good grip, the Thief Leather Gloves offer both! With their fingerless design, you gain the mobility and sensitivity of bare hands alongside the palm protection provided by leather gloves.