Leather Accessories

In our leather accessories category we carry skirt hikes, belt slides, tankard strap, mug frogs and many more accessories for your costume or outfit. Everyone gets thirsty attending a medieval fair or playing an LARP or LRP event. We developed the mug frog and tankard strap to carry your favorite drinking tankard or horn. Our drinking horn frogs slide onto your belt and the horn is place into it. Don't be left thirsty at your next medieval event and get your tankard strap. Skirt Hikes are a must for any Wench. They are great for keeping your skirt out of the mud and you can expose multi-layered skirts in contrasting colors or hike up a long skirt to just the right length for you. They are easy to use, pull a little of the extra skirt fabric into the rings and cinch it tight to the desired length.

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Belt Clip Hangers

Item # DK1042
Our Belt Clip Hangers are used for suspending scabbards that have rings on them to a belt. The Belt Clip Hanger is perfect for use with sabers and military swords. The difference in strap length will allow your sword to hang at an angle.

Bodo Packing Strap

Item # MY100875
On your fantasy travels or medieval journeys, securing your gear into a pack can be difficult. You require straps such as this Bodo Packing Strap. This strap is a great accessory for camping, historical reenactments, and faires.

Celtic Mug Frog - Tankard Strap

Item # DK1026
Our Celtic Tankard Strap is simple, functional, and very affordable! Hang your tankard or mug from these mug frogs when you are not using it. It is available in many colors and has Celtic Knotwork embossed down the length of it.

Embossed Celtic Skirt Hike

Item # DK1041-1
Our Embossed Celtic Skirt Hike is a fantastic essential for the wardrobe of any medieval maiden or lady pirate. Keep your skirt from skimming the ground or show off layered skirts with the help of this leather skirt hike.

Embossed Woodland Skirt Hike

Item # DK1041-2
The Embossed Woodland Skirt Hike brings the charm of nature into historical and fantasy outfits of all kinds. This leather skirt hike is embossed with a beautiful leaf pattern, making it a versatile and stylish wardrobe staple.

Jeweled LARP Wand Frog

Item # DK1083
When traveling to far off lands, it is inconvenient to always carry your wand. Ensure that it has a safe location with the Jeweled LARP Wand Frog. Take your wand with you to any magical roleplaying event or fantasy convention.

Laced Leather Wand Frog

Item # DK1084
For the time traveling wizard, having a wand sheath that looks a bit medieval is ideal. Carry your wand through time with the Laced Leather Wand Frog. This wand holster is ideal for any magical roleplaying event or fantasy convention.

LARP Wand Leather Holster

Item # DK1081
Wizards, just like Western gunslingers, need to have a quick draw in a duel. Get to your wand quickly by holding it in the LARP Wand Leather Holster. Take your wand with you to any magical LARP duel, wizardry school, or convention.

LARP Wand Leather Sheath

Item # DK1080
Traveling mages and sorcerers require a discreet place for their wand, ready for whatever may come. This LARP Wand Leather Sheath is a great option. Take your wand with you to any magical LARP duel, wizardry school, or convention.

Leather Belt Slide with D-Ring

Item # DK1077
Need more means to carry your gear? Our Leather Belt Slide with D-Ring is the perfect solution. This incredibly versatile leather accessory provides a convenient D-ring for hanging or clipping just about anything to your person.

Louis Horn Sling

Item # MY100528
Stay hydrated during a perilous journey through a LARP kingdom. Never be without your favorite beverage by keeping a drinking horn close with the Louis Horn Sling. It also serves well for carrying weaponry and other accessories.

Mother of Dragons Shoulder Pieces

Item # DK7008-1
It is known that a queen without a throne wanders across the sea of grass, guarded by a trio of voracious dragons. These Mother of Dragons Shoulder Pieces emulate the filigree patterned pieces worn in the walled city she visits.