LARP Daggers

A LARP sword always needs a LARP dagger for close quarter attacks during that LARP event or reenactment. We have the best quality LARP daggers from the top manufacturers around the world. We have both medieval daggers and fantasy daggers from all the LARP collections at affordable prices. Our LARP daggers are great for kids to pretend they have swords and are very safe. All our LARP daggers have a capped core to prevent tearing, splitting, punch-through of the foam. These LARP Daggers are well suited for use in practice for martial arts, re-enactments, fairs, LARP Events and stage props.

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RFB Simple Medieval LARP Dagger

Item # MCI-2002
Our Simple LARP Dagger is from our Ready for Battle line. The Ready for Battle line is a less costly line that is still durable but is not as detailed, making them very affordable and great for beginners or those on a small budget.

Sanguis II LARP Dirk

Item # CL-177
From youth, children must be taught to fight, and the Sanguis II LARP Dirk is their weapon of choice. Putting a greatsword in tiny hands would not be useful for training, making this a weapon adapted to the size of the wielder.

Schlachda LARP Orc Dagger

Item # MY100756
Orcs are vicious and mean, and when it comes to killing, it is not so much about a quick, clean end as it is about a long and brutally painful one. That is why a true orc prefers a rugged weapon like the Schlachda LARP Orc Dagger.

Shahin LARP Dagger

Item # CL-244
Slash and stab with speed when you wield the Shahin LARP Dagger. This curved blade is invaluable by your side when the battle gets a bit too close for comfort. Small and easy to carry, this LARP knife makes a wicked final offense.

Skull Guardian LARP Dagger

Item # NP-G-L11
A grinning skull decorates the guard of this fantasy LARP dagger. The Skull Guardian LARP Dagger is an excellent sidearm for assassins, rogues, dark elves, and other nefarious personas that skulk in the shadows at LARP campaigns.

Spike Knuckle Duster LARP Dagger

Item # CL-166
As you travel the wasteland that was once civilization, take comfort in knowing that you can defend yourself with the Spike Knuckle Duster LARP Dagger. This rugged LARPing dagger is ideal for anyone that needs a versatile weapon.

Squires Reckoning LARP Dagger

Item # NP-G-L26
After a year of service, the knight presented his eager squire with a dagger like the one he had received when he was a squire. This Squires Reckoning LARP Dagger is an excellent sidearm for Medieval squires, guards, and men at arms.

Stilletto LARP Dagger

Item # MCI-2046-1
Like the stiletto from history, this Stilletto LARP Dagger looks like quite the lethal weapon, although thanks to its construction from quality foam and latex, it is perfectly safe to use, while still featuring a deadly appearance.

Tanto II LARP Dagger

Item # CL-204
More practical in certain situations than a katana, the Tanto II LARP Dagger can be easily used in tight spaces since it does not restrict the movements of the wielder, making it perfect for hasty retreats and close combat.

Tensho LARP Knife

Item # CL-321
Inspired by the kunai knives of ancient Japan, the Tensho LARP Knife has a realistic steel color and tapers to a dramatic point, creating a look that is deadly yet still safe for LARP, made of highly durable Calimacil foam.

Viking II LARP Dagger

Item # CL-323
The Viking II LARP Dagger takes its inspiration from the blades of ancient Norsemen and shieldmaidens. Its pommel shows off a traditional lobed shape. Latex-free Calimacil foam makes this blade safe and durable for LARP battle.

Viking II LARP Dirk

Item # CL-199
Vikings were no strangers to the battlefield, using a variety of weapons on their vicious raids. The Viking II LARP Dirk will help to turn you into the scourge of your foes at your next live action role playing event.