LARP Daggers

A LARP sword always needs a LARP dagger for close quarter attacks during that LARP event or reenactment. We have the best quality LARP daggers from the top manufacturers around the world. We have both medieval daggers and fantasy daggers from all the LARP collections at affordable prices. Our LARP daggers are great for kids to pretend they have swords and are very safe. All our LARP daggers have a capped core to prevent tearing, splitting, punch-through of the foam. These LARP Daggers are well suited for use in practice for martial arts, re-enactments, fairs, LARP Events and stage props.

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Durik LARP Knife

Item # MY100711
In times of peril, even the smiths and craftsmen must rise up to fight evil alongside their armoured brethren. You can keep the dark forces at bay while also playing true to your trade when you go to battle with the Durik LARP Knife.

Foam Sai Set

Item # NP-G-BL021
Inspired by the blocking, parrying, and jabbing weapons that originated in ancient Asia, the Foam Sai Set includes two steel colored sai in the traditional style, now made safe for costume and play through their foam construction.

Freydis LARP Dagger

Item # CL-292
Bravely charge into battle with the Freydis LARP Dagger, named after the sister of Norse explorer Leif Erikson. This Viking LARP dagger is latex-free and has the look of a historical Viking sword made shorter for close LARP combat.

Gilded Bat LARP Dagger

Item # NP-G-L25
Whether you are a vampire hunter or like to carry weapons with a gothic aesthetic, the Gilded Bat LARP Dagger is a great offhand weapon for your arsenal. This gothic foam knife also makes a fantastic addition to any cosplay ensemble.

Hartman LARP Throwing Knife

Item # CL-294
The Hartman LARP Throwing Knife is an essential in any adventurers arsenal. Very versatile in its style, this close range LARP weapon is great for throwing, slashing, and stabbing. It is made of incredibly durable, latex-free foam.

Heinrich LARP Dagger

Item # MY100744
Any knight knows that keeping a variety of blades provides the best chances of surviving a battle. That is why it is always a good idea to keep a secondary weapon on your person, and what better secondary than the Heinrich LARP Dagger?

Holbein LARP Dagger

Item # CL-295
Made from one molded piece of ultra-durable and wear-resistant Calimacil foam over a flexible fiberglass core, the Holbein LARP Dagger is remarkably reliable and has a hand crafted look, making it an excellent choice for any LARPer.

Hunter LARP Knife

Item # CL-245
The heritage of a Hunter is rooted in survival. The Hunter LARP Knife is an official LARP replica of the weapon seen in Bungies acclaimed video game Destiny, crafted with style and sturdiness to help you against hordes of the Fallen.

Hunting LARP Dagger

Item # MCI-3549
When going off on an adventure, you want to make sure that you have all the tools necessary. Bring along this Hunting LARP Dagger on your next quest. This LARP dagger is ideal for roleplaying battles, cosplay conventions, and more.

LARP Bloody Butchers Cleaver

Item # NP-G-BL115-B
Tack on a bloody cleaver to your already scary outfit and youve got a full-blown nightmare. Our foam LARP Bloody Butchers Cleaver is accented by blood giving off the feeling that you havent had time to clean up before using it again.

LARP Bowie

Item # MCI-3526
For those fighters who prefer to battle at very close range, a knife is often a better choice than a sword. Take on any enemy with the LARP Bowie. This foam dagger is great for LARP events, theater productions, and cosplaying.

LARP Butchers Cleaver

Item # NP-G-BL115
Our LARP Butchers Cleaver is a unique lifelike foam blade for you to cut your way through anything. The rectangular latex rubber foam is made to look worn with detailed markings running down the blade for an added realistic appeal.