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Illuminate your home in medieval, gothic, or fantasy style with our lamps and lighting options. From mini table lamps and hanging wall lamps to LED dragon statues and fairy reading lamps, we offer a wide variety of lighting styles here. Shop skeleton and skull lamps to add macabre mood lighting. Our fairy LED lights bring enchanting beauty wherever they decorate. And our many dragon lamps feature light up crystals or LED orbs in their designs, lending a mystical glow to your home decor. Many of our fantasy lamps and LED statues are painted by hand and made of high quality cold cast resin, making them phenomenal collectibles and eye-catching decorations.
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Star Wars Santa Yoda Light Set

Item # KT-SW9154
Festively dressed, Let Yoda bring the light side of the Force to your holiday home decor. The Star Wars Santa Yoda Light Set features 10 lights, each illuminating a cover shaped like the Jedi Master Yoda masquerading as Santa Claus.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Light Set

Item # KT-SW9142
Whether you are loyal to the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance, the Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Light Set makes a fine addition to any decor. Decorate your space with this licensed light set for the holidays or any time of year.

Steampunk Clock Lamp

Item # WU-1936
It takes a lot of steam to make a light bulb come on. Imagine how much it must take to do both that and run a clock! The Steampunk Clock Lamp introduces you to an elaborate neo-Victorian machine that accomplishes both tasks.

Steampunk Horse Lamp

Item # WU-1960
The Steampunk Horse Lamp features an imaginative steam-powered creature as its base, with gears, wires, and coils making up a remarkable mechanical horse. This statue lamp adds a bit of light to any decor as well as steampunk flair.

Steampunk Projector Lamp

Item # WU-1976
The Steampunk Projector Lamp brings a bit of light and intriguing steampunk style to any decor. This cast bronze accent lamp has a stand resembling an old fashioned projector made up gears beneath a single bulb within a mesh shade.

Steampunk Tower Lamp

Item # WU-1975
The Steampunk Tower Lamp makes it easy to add a marvelously mechanical vibe to your home or office decor. This cold cast bronze accent lamp has the look of a steam-powered, gear-filled mechanism serving as its base.

Tree of Life Mini LED Lamp

Item # CC11670
Featuring the mythic Tree of Life, this elegant miniature lamp is a beautiful way to add Celtic style to any home. The Tree of Life Mini LED Lamp is made of cold cast resin and, with batteries, is both functional and illuminating.

Vented Medieval Lantern

Item # AH-6284
A lantern is a great way to stave off the darkness. This Vented Medieval Lantern will not only shed light, but it also has a hand-crafted, historic look that comes complete with subtle touches of detail that are sure to impress.

Winged Dragon Lamp

Item # CC12160
Light up your dungeon with the Winged Dragon Lamp. This gothic table fixture will keep your chambers bright while maintaining a look of power, and it is perfect for lovers of fantasy or those with medieval-themed bedrooms.

Armoured Dragon LED Night Light

Item # WU-1799
Find your way by the light of a dragon. Magnificent to behold in both day and night, the Armoured Dragon LED Night Light is a remarkable addition to statue collections and fantasy themed homes. An LED within creates the magical glow.