This knife category is every knife that we carry that does not fit into any other category. These knives are all functional and very durable for any use. We carry both fixed blade knives and folding bladed knives. Some of the blades are not your traditional straight blades neither are the handles of some of these knives. These knives are great for cutting, skinning, and piecing your prey. Take these functional knives camping, hunting, self defense or everyday use.
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1849 Rifleman's Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88GRB
This 1849 Riflemans Knife features many design nuances of the first knife officially designed for, and purchased by, the U.S. Army in 1849. The knife features a big, stout spear point blade that is hand forged from high carbon steel.
$200.00 $160.00

Afghan Choora Knife

Item # 404247
The Afghan Choora Knife is based on the large, utilitarian blades used by the tribes of the Khyber Pass. It is also similar to a model of dagger used by the Afghan fighters against the Russians. Its design is simple and effective.

Antler-Handled Damascus Ulu Knife

Item # ZS-DM-1111SG
One of the most curious and versatile knives in existence was created by the Inuit people of North America from slate and bone. The Antler-Handled Damascus Ulu Knife blends history and modernity, recreating this exotic tool.
$72.00 $64.75

Arkansas Toothpick

Item # 400260
Tales tell of American mountain men fighting off unruly beasts like bears, wolves, and lions in the wild with little more than strength, cunning, and a good Arkansas Toothpick knife, which has a blade made for fighting.

Arkansas Toothpick Knife

Item # AH-3151
James Black was the smith who made the famous knife that later bore Jim Bowies name. Another knife he was responsible for was the Arkansas Toothpick Knife, which was balanced for throwing and made to serve in a variety of tasks.

Authentics Dussack Knife

Item # ED2654
Each Dussack is made from a single piece of steel and is clearly a no frills cutting weapon! Because of its simple and functional design, it was favored by commoners, who needed a knife that could be used for a variety of purposes.

Bird Eye Striker Knife

Item # AH-4395
This Bird Eye Striker Knife is two accessories in one. On one hand, it offers a forged blade that is quite useful around camp for carving, cutting, and more. On the other, the all-metal design and grip allows it to double as fire steel.

Black Clip Point Survival Knife

Item # MC-HK-786BK
Anyone planning on camping or other outdoor activities should consider adding the Black Clip Point Survival Knife to their pack. This stainless steel knife features a compass in its handle and comes with a miniature survival kit.

Black Dead Walker Hunter Knife

Item # ZS-211197-BK
With the world overrun by the undead zombie horde, you will want to ensure that you are prepared for an attack at any moment. The Black Dead Walker Hunter Knife shows off a black handle that matches the blackened finish of the blade.
$9.90 $8.91

Black Dead Walker Sawback Knife

Item # ZS-211196-BK
When heading out to take care of the latest horde of zombie walkers, you should make sure that you are well-equipped for your task. The Black Dead Walker Sawback Knife displays a matte black handle and blackened blade finish.
$9.90 $8.91

Black Pakkawood Drop Point Knife

Item # MC-MT-20-73BW
With its sleek appearance and excellent functionality, the Black Pakkawood Drop Point Knife is ideal for a variety of different tasks. The gentle slope of the stainless steel blade allows it to cut, slice, and slash with ease.

Black Survival Edge Knife

Item # 07-80PHBZ
Butterfly light and strong as an ox, the Black Survival Edge Knife features a German 4116 stainless steel blade ending in a clip point that is versatile enough to meet the demands of any survival situation you can imagine.
$40.00 $32.00