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Knight Statues

Say, perhaps, you have a love of knights and all things medieval, but you do not have the space to set up a full-sized knight in your own home. Whatever will you do? Do not give in to despair and panic! We have a large selection of knight statues that are greatly detailed and perfectly sized, ensuring that you will always have access to a knightly statue to display in your home or office. Of course, our knightly figures come in all shapes and sizes, as many of them wear different styles of plate armor. Many are modeled after the typical European knights of the Late Middle Ages that wore stunning examples of plate when they went to war, although not all knights follow this example. Others are modeled after Crusaders and Templars, who made mail their armor of choice and wore heavy helmets and robes while wielding swords in the name of their faith and their Holy War. That they come in various sizes only means that there is bound to be a knight to suit your need here, whether you are looking to occupy a small shelf with limited space or a large table that looks like it needs a grand knight statue that stands more than a foot tall. Virtually all of them come adorned with weapons of some sort, and some even feature shields. If you are longing to add a few knights to your decor, then here you will find dozens of knight statues that are just waiting to decorate the halls of your medieval castle or appear on your desk or shelf.
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Crusader with Axe Statue

Item # WU-1329
Ready for battle, the Crusader with Axe Statue embodies the classic crusader. Cast in polystone, this statue is painted silver with golden accents. Get this statue today and decorate your home with the visage of a hardened warrior.

Dark Fantasy Knight Statue

Item # CC11295
Not every warrior can make it all the way to prestigious knighthood, so what happens to those who fall by the wayside? Often, they join the forces of evil and darkness and become the villain seen in this Dark Fantasy Knight Statue.

Dark Knight Helmet Statue

Item # CC11153
Not every knight is the kind who rides on the back of a noble steed and fights for the kingdom with chivalry and honor. Display those knights who fight for an evil ruler of the gloomy underworld with this Dark Knight Helmet Statue.

Dragon Slayer Statue

Item # CC9707
For the fantasy warrior and knight, no task is as daunting, rewarding, or iconic as slaying a dragon. Immortalizing that moment, this Dragon Slayer Statue depicts the two titans of the fantasy setting near the end of their clash.

Eagle Crested Knight Statue

Item # SC8548
Eagles and knights are both symbols of courage, strength, and power. In the Eagle Crested Knight Statue, both of these icons come together, with a deadly weapon, and create a must have piece of decor for any fan of medieval culture.

European Knight with Halberd Statue

Item # CC11221
There is just something so intriguing about a medieval knight that brings you back hundreds of years to a time of jousting, chivalry, and heraldry. This European Knight with Halberd Statue makes a great historical display piece!

European Knight with Sword Statue

Item # CC11222
Commanding respect both on the field of battle and off, knights were considered among the nobility of European countries during the medieval era. No historical display would be complete without this European Knight with Sword Statue!

Fantasy Castle Display Stand with LED for Mini Statues

Item # EV-10132
Give your smaller statues and figures a fantastic place to call home with the Fantasy Castle Display Stand with LED. This hand painted display stand has multiple levels and is great for showcasing your favorite miniature collectibles.

Fear No Evil Angel Knight Statue

Item # CC12789
This knight has arrived on divine wings to finally vanquish the nefarious beast. The Fear No Evil Angel Knight Statue depicts an armoured medieval Crusader with white angel wings delivering the final blow to a serpent-like dragon.

Fearless Crusader Knight Statue

Item # CC11920
A classical interpretation of a resting medieval warrior, the Fearless Crusader Knight Statue features the attire of a knightly Crusader wearing Templar robes. This knight wears a bronze-trimmed great helm and suit of mail armor.

French Knight Statue

Item # SC8182
Regal and ornate, this French Knight Statue looks like it could be an honor-guard of the royal family, or perhaps in service to the monarch, if the look and grand symbols emblazoned on his armor are any hint about his rank.

French Unicorn Knight Statue

Item # SC8436
Knights used heraldry to help identify individuals dressed in armor and to show off the regalia of their status. The French Unicorn Knight Statue depicts a helmeted knight holding sword and a shield marked by heraldry.