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Knight Home Decor & Gifts

If you are looking for a way to easily add medieval flair to your surroundings, our knight home decor and gifts are made for such a need. We offer an impressive range of medieval home accents styled either with armored knight imagery or cleverly crafted to resemble the very armor of a historical knight. Check out medieval knight goblets and tankards, Crusading knight bookends, knight wall plaques, knight banners, knightly sword letter openers, and much, much more. Many of our knight home accents feature the noble warriors in full historical armor, detailed down to each plate, while others reveal a more fantasy-inspired style. No matter your home decor needs, if you are looking to give your home or office a medieval makeover, our knight home decor and gifts category is the place to look.
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Battling Medieval Knight Goblet

Item # CC11098
What can be better than watching a medieval knight riding his horse into battle? Why, drinking a tasty beverage while you are doing so! With the Battling Medieval Knight Goblet, you can experience both of these at the same time.

Bronze Joan of Arc Into Battle Wall Plaque

Item # WU-1974
Clad in bright gold armour and banner in hand, Joan of Arc leads her forces into the fray as god rays pour down from darkened clouds. The Bronze Joan of Arc Into Battle Wall Plaque depicts this scene captured in cold cast bronze.

Cavalry Knight Incense Burner

Item # CC12350
This noble knight will save the day with your favorite incense in hand! The Cavalry Knight Incense Burner is a phenomenal way to enjoy stick incense in a truly medieval style, with its hand painted, weathered colors and unique design.

Chalice of King Arthur

Item # CC11904
The tale of King Arthur is one of the most well-known stories to grace mankind. With his legendary sword, he valiantly led the world into an era of peace. Toast to the magnificent king of Camelot with the Chalice of King Arthur!

Cornice for Templar Tile by Marto

Item # MA-HH100S
The Cornice for Templar Tile by Marto is an elegant, simple solution for anyone looking to display their Templar tiles. It is perfect for showing off any of the MA- or Marto made tiles that we offer on our site.

Crusader Calatrava Cross Tile by Marto

Item # MA-HH004S
The Crusader Calatrava Cross Tile, by Marto, is a simple item, a resin tile designed to mimic the actual appearance of real earthenware tiles. Engraved into the tiles surface is the cross of the Crusader order of Calatrava.

Crusader Goblet

Item # CC12334
Conquer the holy lands for king and country with this Crusader Goblet! Cold cast from the finest resin, this Templar helmet shaped goblet is painstakingly hand painted, resulting in a highly detailed, quality drinking cup.

Crusader Knight Order of Calatrava Banner by Marto

Item # MA-MF1528S
The Crusader Knight Order of Calatrava Banner by Marto features a black field with black edging. In the center of the field is the Crusader Calatrava cross in red. This banner is cotton, with the Calatrava cross embroidered on both sides.

Crusader Knight Order of Calatrava Cushion by Marto

Item # MA-MF1549S
The Crusader Knight Order of Calatrava Cushion by Marto features a black background as well as black edging with the Crusader Calatrava cross, in red, at its center. This cushion is stylishly made and only features the cross on one side.

Crusader Knights Bookend Set

Item # CC12353
Anyone who dares sneak a book from your shelves will have to face these mighty warriors! The Crusader Knights Bookend Set features two unique knights, alike in their readiness for battle, on bases that look like medieval castle walls.

Dragon Slayer Art Scroll

Item # CC9806
It takes courage to face a dragon in battle and even more to get this close! This Dragon Slayer Art Scroll depicts a dangerous but effective way to slay a dragon and the courageous knight who was brave enough to make the attempt.

Excalibur Letter Opener with Armored Arm Stand

Item # CC11905
To have perished on the battlefield would be the most honorable death for the late king Arthur. In a final act of defiance, he raised Excalibur in honor of his fallen warriors in the Excalibur Letter Opener with Armored Arm Stand.