Kingston Arms

Designed for both durability and authenticity, Kingston Arms swords are ideal for historical reenactment, stage combat, and sparring. These high quality swords are crafted by hand and based on real sword styles of the medieval and Renaissance eras. Many of the Kingston Arms swords we offer are available in your choice of a sharpened or blunt blade, depending on your preference and intended use. We also carry swords from the Kingston Arms Tourney series, which are made of hardened spring steel for safer sparring and stage combat. All of our Kingston Arms swords are premium weapons that have been handcrafted and designed to withstand combat of some kind, whether that be stage fighting or HEMA. If you are looking for a dependable and authentic sword, choose a weapon from Kingston Arms.
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13th Century Arming Sword

Item # SM36050
The second in a series of performance oriented swords designed by Gus Trim and produced by Kingston Arms, this 13th Century Arming Sword has a very slight forward balance, making it quick in the hand and devastating in the cut.

Competition Federschwert

Item # SM36070
From beginners to masters, the Competition Federschwert provides a light, fast, and safe longsword for all your sparring needs. Thanks to feedback from HEMA practitioners, this awesome sword gives function to traditional style!

Crecy War Sword

Item # SM36010
One of the most prominent encounters of the Hundred Years War, the Battle of Crecy served as a decisive victory of the English over the French. The Crecy War Sword is a researched replica of single-hand swords from the period.

Tourney Arming Sword

Item # SM36030
A great example of re-enactment weaponry, the Tourney Arming Sword comes in a blunt design that is perfect for training and stage combat. The functional sword is forged from 9260 high carbon spring steel tempered to about 50 Hrc.

Tourney Hand and a Half Knightly Sword

Item # SM36040
A close recreation of the famous Oakeshott Type XVIIIa.4 sword from Records of the Medieval sword, this Tourney Hand and a Half Knightly Sword has been modified slightly to make it safe for medieval reenactment and stage performance.

Tourney Viking Sword

Item # SM36020
With a design that rings like a bell when struck in combat, the Tourney Viking Sword serves as a fantastic re-enactment weapon. The functional sword is forged from 9260 spring steel that is tempered to around 50 Hrc.

Type XVIII Knights Sword

Item # SM36060
The first in a series of performance oriented swords designed by Gus Trim and produced by Kingston Arms, this Type XVIII Knights Sword features the classic diamond cross section typical of short swords wielded in the 15th century.

Type XVIII Medieval Sword

Item # SM36090
This Type XVIII Medieval Sword is available in limited quantities, due to an error at the forge that caused it to not meet the desired specs. Their mistake means the first and only production run will soon become highly collectible.