Do you ever just have the need to write, draw, sketch, or just create? Well, if you do, then you will need to head to our journals section! Here you will find the medieval journal or notebook that suits your tastes. And even better, these notebooks are perfect for virtually anything you could use a good sheet of paper for. These fantasy journals are so much more than just sheets of paper, though. In many regards, they are collectibles and decorations all to their own! Our medieval journals come in all different shapes and styles, ranging from classic hard-backed notebooks of the modern day to old-fashioned leather journals that look like they could have come from the pages of history. And being more than just typical notebooks, they all feature classic medieval designs, ranging from the realms of fantasy and fiction to the realms of realism and history. Some of our journals and notebooks feature fictional creatures like fairies, dragons, and vampires, while others depict symbols like the Celtic cross, the Tree of Life, or even the classic green man! Of course, you can put these notebooks and journals to virtually any use. Traditional hardback notebooks are perfect as sketch-pads and scratch notebooks to fill with thoughts and ruminations, while leather-bound journals are more authentic and make for great costume props or spell books (as well as great pads for calligraphy). Heck, you can even dig out an old quill pen and feel really authentic when you write! However you use it, you can rest assured that when you are writing one of our notebooks or journals, you are writing in a notebook that is bound to possess a touch of medieval and personal style!
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Adventurers Leather Journal with Lock

Item # 060-2398
A portable little notebook can be a handy tool, one perfect for keeping personal thoughts, sketches, and writings safe and secure. The Adventurers Leather Journal With Lock is just that, thanks to its size and its swivel lock.

All Knowing Eye Embossed Leather Journal

Item # 060-2741
If you can see everything, then you will know everything. Write down what you know, which might just be everything, in this All Knowing Eye Embossed Leather Journal! The eye design on the stitched red leather cover never blinks.

Bewitched Black Cat Journal

Item # CCB1032
Maybe your journal is where you keep your daily thoughts and ideas, or perhaps it doubles as your record of magical spells! Either way, the Bewitched Black Cat Journal is a great notebook choice for lovers of the supernatural world.

Black and Brown Tree of Life Journal

Item # 060-2806
Record your thoughts while walking in the shadows of the forest. Whether you like to write or draw, use this Black and Brown Tree of Life Journal. You can also use this notebook as a sketch pad, diary, or even a travel companion.

Black and Green Leather Triquetra Journal

Item # 060-2721
If you are fond of writing things down, invest in a beautiful vessel in which to store your thoughts, such as the Black and Green Leather Triquetra Journal. This gorgeous leather notebook features embossed Celtic-inspired designs.

Black and Silver Leather Owl Journal

Item # 060-2738
Let your wisest thoughts take flight when you record them in the Black and Silver Leather Owl Journal. An incredible owl illustration in celestial black and silver is embossed onto the cover of this high quality leather notebook.

Black Cat Embossed Spell Book with Pen

Item # CCB0328
An exceptional journal that is superb for writing down your thoughts, emotions, observations, spells, or sketches, the Black Cat Embossed Spell Book with Pen is wonderfully versatile and provides 160 pages for you to fill.

Black Pentagram Embossed Leather Journal

Item # 060-2641
An iconic symbol of the various forces of nature and magic, the Black Pentagram Embossed Leather Journal displays an intricate five-pointed star design on its cover. Elegant knotwork patterns fill the space around the pentagram.

Black Rolled Leather Journal

Item # HW-700652
Easy to stash in a backpack or a large pouch, the Black Rolled Leather Journal adds authenticity to medieval looks and gives writing a historical vibe. This medieval journal rolls up quite compact and secures with a leather cord.

Book of Secrets Mini Journal

Item # CCB0326
A journal often contains the innermost thoughts and dreams of its owner, making it an intimate collection of secrets not meant for the eyes of others. The Book of Secrets Mini Journal is a great option to record your words.

Book of Spells Mini Journal

Item # CCB0320
Whether the allure of fantasy and magic appeals to you or you simply need a journal that is petite enough to fit into a pocket or purse, the Book of Spells Mini Journal offers you a great option to meet your desires!

Brown Leather Journal with Pencil

Item # 060-2644
When inspiration strikes, you will never need to fear not having a writing utensil on hand with this leather notebook! The Brown Leather Journal with Pencil features a leather addition on its cover that holds a rustic pencil.