Incense & Oil Burners

Incense and oil burners not only help you enjoy your favorite scents, but they should make a statement in your decor! We offer a wide range of incense burners and oil burners in medieval, fantasy, and even gothic styles here. Check out our dragon geode incense burners, resembling intricately detailed dragons perched on beds of colorful crystals. We offer horizontal and vertical incense burners both, so you can burn stick incense the way you like best with the options here. Our dragon backflow incense burners add a mystical touch to any room. Our skeleton and gothic incense burners lend a grim elegance and macabre delight wherever they decorate, and many of them are designed to hold sticks of incense in the very jaws of their skull accents. Gargoyle incense burners offer a classic take on gothic style, and many are hand painted to resemble ancient stone. Our fairy incense burners bring a sense magic to your incense burning experience. No matter your tastes, you are sure to find a fine piece of home decor - and a phenomenal way to enjoy your favorite incense scents - here.
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Baby Goat Gargoyle Incense Holder

Item # SC8762
Regular, everyday baby goats are adorable! They have stumpy little legs and high-pitched voices. The baby goat on the Baby Goat Gargoyle Incense Holder is cute too, just in a Gothic gargoyle kind of way. Look at its little wings!

Baphomet Incense Burner

Item # CC12231
Based on the pagan idol the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping and the Sabbatic Goat image drawn by Eliphas Levi, the Baphomet Incense Burner features the head of a screaming goat and several pagan and occult symbols.

Black Dragon Head Incense Burner

Item # 05-71619
Smoke trails near the head of this dragon as if the fantasy beast has just finished a violent rampage of the countryside. The Black Dragon Head Incense Burner creates the perfect atmospheric effect for the legendary creature.

Black Skull Incense Burner

Item # 05-44069
Create an atmospheric effect by lighting your favorite incense using this Black Skull Incense Burner. The decorative incense holder features a wicked looking skull at one end of a long tray, its jaws open to hold the smoky stick.

Blue and Gold Dragon Incense Burner

Item # 060-2690
The next time you enjoy the scent of your favorite incense, do so with the Blue and Gold Dragon Incense Burner. This fantasy incense holder features a dragon perched on one end of the bed, artfully crafted to resemble an open geode.

Blue Dragon Castle Incense Holder

Item # EV-10120
A fantasy scene of action unfolds upon the Blue Dragon Castle Incense Holder. A blue and gold dragon roars towards a castle tower, situated upon a tall outcropping of rock. This cold cast resin incense holder is painted by hand.

Blue Dragon Geode Incense Burner

Item # CC11826
Whenever you have the desire to inhale the sweet smell of your favorite incense, do so using the Blue Dragon Geode Incense Burner! This incredible dragon incense holder is an excellent way to show off your love of all things fantasy!

Blue Dragon Skull Boat Incense Burner

Item # CC12391
Your incense is safe under the watchful eye of this grim dragon. The Blue Dragon Skull Boat Incense Burner shows the silvery blue fantasy beast perched on the end of a silvery boat perfect for catching the ashes of burning incense.

Blue Dragon Standing Incense Burner

Item # 060-2563
Prepare to enter a world of mysterious scents and mystical delights when you bring home the Blue Dragon Standing Incense Burner. This unique incense stand can support either a stick or cone of your favorite incense.

Blue Geode Dragon Incense Burner

Item # 05-71751
The next time you fill your home with the scents of your favorite incense, do so in fantasy style. The Blue Geode Dragon Incense Burner is a remarkable and unique piece of dragon home decor featuring stunning, geode-inspired details.

Blue Skull Ferryboat Incense Burner

Item # 05-44068
Honor the journey from life to death in ancestral tribute. Add a gothic flair to your home decor collection. The Blue Skull Ferryboat Incense Burner beautifully honors the realm of the underworld with a decorative Gothic touch.

Breath of Fire Dragon Incense Holder

Item # CC10013
The fiery breath of dragons remains a noteworthy feature, serving as one of their primary weapons. In the Breath of Fire Dragon Incense Holder, this dragon has eclipsed its surroundings in the conflagration.