Hunting Knives

If you are a camper or bowman then you need a good quality hunting knife. These blades are not just beautiful, they are tough! Hunting knives also hold an amazing edge and are easy to sharpen. Hunting knives are useful for all kinds of utility chores like field dressing, skinning or even quartering big game. They have a sharp, yet sturdy point for piercing and a moderately curved blade with an extra thin edge that facilitates cutting, slashing, chopping and shearing strokes. Get your quality and durable hunting knives.
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10.5 Inch Gut Hook

Item # ZS-210920
A true outdoorsman knows that the one item he does not want to find himself without is a versatile blade. One will face many obstacles and tasks in the wild, and the 10.5 Inch Gut Hook can be that weapon you have been searching for.
$9.00 $8.10

11 Inch Guthook Survival Knife

Item # ZS-211222
When you are packing your bushcraft kit to get away from it all, be sure to bring along the 11 Inch Guthook Survival Knife. With its nonreflective coating, this tactical knife is invaluable for hunting, fishing, and survival excursions.
$9.50 $8.55

3V Pendleton Hunter Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-36LPCSS
A lightweight and versatile outdoorsmans tool, the 3V Pendleton Hunter Knife is a must have tool for the dedicated hunter. This hunting knife has a high carbon steel drop point blade capable of dressing and processing even large game.
$150.00 $120.00

3V Pendleton Mini Hunter Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-36LPCM
Small but highly functional, the 3V Pendleton Mini Hunter Knife is a must-have tool for any outdoor adventures. This pintsized hunting knife has a high carbon steel drop point blade capable of dressing and processing even large game.
$120.00 $96.00

9 Inch Gut Hook

Item # ZS-210922
Perfect for outdoorsmen, hunters, and more, the 9 Inch Gut Hook has all of the essential tools to prepare a meal for cooking in the wilderness. This reliable and versatile skinner features a gut hook on its black-finished blade.
$7.50 $6.75

Army Green Sawback Survival Knife

Item # MC-HK-774GN
With a fixed clip point blade on the front and a wide toothed saw on the back, the Army Green Sawback Survival Knife is two handy tools in one. Fulfill your adventurous spirit with the perfect knife for all of your outdoor needs.

BBT Neck Knife

Item # CTK301HC
The worth of a good neck knife cannot be understated. They are light, portable, and extremely useful. The BBT Neck Knife is a utility knife that features a small blade and is designed for the outdoorsman on the go.

Bear Tracker Hunting Knife

Item # ED1014
The Bear Tracker Hunting Knife is the perfect companion out in the field hunting. Nest this pointed stag handle in your palm of your hand and make gutting and skinning a breeze with an upswept point style blade with blood groove.

Bird & Trout Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-20BTJ
The Bird and Trout is made out of AUS 6A stainless steel. For safety and handiness, each knife comes with a light weight Concealex neck sheath and steel bead chain lanyard. The knife is a modern version of a 100 year old classic.
$29.99 $24.00

Bird & Trout Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-20BTJZ
The perfect companion for any outdoorsman, the Bird and Trout Knife is ideal for working in tight places or making precise cuts. Made of AUS 8A stainless steel, the skeletonized handle offers great versatility and freedom of movement.
$30.00 $24.00

Bird and Game Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-20AZ
Ultra-versatile and easy to carry, the Bird and Game Knife is the ultimate tool for any hunter or outdoorsman. The grip of this functional survival blade is coated in textured polymer scales that extend to its multi-functional ring.
$36.00 $28.80

Black Pakkawood Hunter

Item # ZS-203359-BK
The Black Pakkawood Hunter features a drop point blade with a line cutter, making it an excellent choice for hunting and fishing trips. The handle of this hunting knife has contouring for a secure grip and a stylish black wood look.
$11.00 $9.90