House of Warfare

House of Warfare provides a great range of high quality historical items for reenactment, LARP, and costume use. From Roman, medieval, and Viking armour to leather belts, pouches, journals, and other essentials, House of Warfare has something to heighten your historical look or update your fantasy outfit. Leather and steel helmets, body armour, and bracers offer protection and can add authenticity to historical and fantasy warrior looks. The accessories we offer, like ring belts, belt frogs, belt bags, buckles, and cloak pins are versatile components you can wear with almost anything. House of Warfare also carries a great range of Viking drinking horns as well as the stands and holsters for easy display and carry.
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14th Century Great Helmet - Polished

Item # HW-700417
Known historically for its thorough protection, the shape of the 14th Century Great Helmet saw popular use among crusading knights. This medieval helmet has a flat, circular top, narrow eye slits, and a wide, vented lower front.

Adjustable Sword Hanger

Item # HW-700497
Make your sword the star of your decor when you display it using the Adjustable Sword Hanger. This polished steel sword hanger mounts to your wall and has two hinged arms that adjust to grip your weapon just after the guard.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Black

Item # HW-700907BK
When attempting a quest or journey, the traveler needs a place to hold their finds. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in black holds necessary gear. Add this functional accessory to your LARP, cosplay, or Renaissance faire outfit.

Adventurers Leather Flap Bag - Brown

Item # HW-700907BR
Messengers and merchants need their hands free to carry out their duties. The Adventurers Leather Flap Bag in brown allows them to finish their tasks. Carry this medieval bag to a Renaissance faire, fantasy convention, or LARP event.

Aesir Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700243R
You are a powerful Viking warrior whose prowess on the battlefield is matched only by your ability to guzzle mead. You need a drinking vessel deserving of your legendary status. You need the Aesir Drinking Horn with Stand.

Alfheim Carved Drinking Horn

Item # HW-700517S
Sip from the Alfheim Carved Drinking Horn and feel transported back to the time of Vikings. Carved crossed lines accent this Viking horn.

Aluminum Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700602
Perfect your knightly appearance when you add the Aluminum Chainmail Coif to your outfit. Great for costume use, this medieval coif is made of aluminum, which is light does not rust, making it an ideal way to get the look of armour.

Aluminum Chainmail Mantle

Item # HW-700618
When you want the look of chainmail but do not necessarily need its protection, the Aluminum Chainmail Mantle makes a great addition to any warrior outfit. This medieval mantle is riveted together and woven in a 4-in-1 pattern.

Aluminum Chainmail Voiders

Item # HW-700614
The Aluminum Chainmail Voiders are essential when creating a thoroughly armoured costume look. No knight would go without protecting the vital area where the inner upper arm and chest meet, and this pair of voiders covers that zone.

American Cavalry Officer's Steel Sword with Scabbard

Item # HW-700843
With stately elegance, the American Cavalry Officers Steel Sword with Scabbard is a beautiful weapon for collection and display. This military sword has a thin steel blade and an ornate brass D-guard over its black handle.

Angled Medieval Sword Frog - Black

Item # HW-700486
The Angled Medieval Sword Frog is perfect for keeping your weapon ready at your side. This medieval sword frog is made of high quality black leather and features adjustable lacing on the diagonal cuff to hold your sword in place.

Angled Medieval Sword Frog - Brown

Item # HW-700487
The Angled Medieval Sword Frog in brown keeps your sword at your side and at an angle that makes it easier to draw and carry. Highly adjustable, its front cuff has long leather lacing that will accommodate most sword scabbard sizes.