Helmets are a distinctive part of any warrior attire, whether he or she is from the medieval era, a world of fantasy, or anywhere in between. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an absolutely huge selection of helmets, all offered from some of the top suppliers possible, to ensure that you get a helmet to protect your noggin, you do so with quality armor and with great style. Like so many other pieces of equipment from the Middle Ages, helmets are incredibly varied. They come in dozens of different styles, many of which are attributed to many different cultures. Some are more effective than others, while others are far more appealing because of their appearance. But the one thing you can rest assured of is that when you get your helm here, you are definitely getting a quality helmet that look great, whether you wear it or display it on a helmet stand as a display in your home or office. And like the rest of our medieval wares, we endeavor to offer as wide an assortment of helmets, from as many sources, cultures, and time periods as is possible. Of course, Greek helmets and Roman helmets are well-known and so we carry lots of those, ensuring that reenactors and collectors who are interested in early history can have the helmet of their dreams. We also offer Viking, Norman, and Saxon helmets, for those who are interested in the helms worn by those during the early era of the medieval times. Medieval helmets offers some of our most numerous options, ranging from sallet helms to great helmets to pot helmets and more, while our selection of fantasy helmets includes impressive examples from the world of fantasy and fiction, so much so that they are sure to be impressive no matter what. The leather helmets we offer range from medieval to fantasy and beyond, and are great for a variety of situation and uses, too. We also offer helmet stands for displaying your helmets, as well as miniature helmets for the collector who prefers to keep things small and space-efficient. And that is only a small sampling of what we offer, so if your interest has been piqued, then take a moment to browse through the helmets section at Dark Knight Armoury, to see what is out there and what else might capture your interest.

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Brass Charioteer Helmet

Item # AH-6087B
Typical Roman adornments on helmets included tall hair plumes, although others were used. And on the Brass Charioteer Helmet, instead of a classic, stiff hair plume, the helmet features a simple black hair tassel as decoration.

Brass Deurne Helmet

Item # AH-6723
Named after the region of the Netherlands in which the original helmet was found, this Brass Deurne Helmet is a reproduction based off of an actual historical helmet that featured amazing and attractive decorations across its surface.

Brass Gladiator Arena Helmet

Item # AH-6204B
Some gladiator helms were made to defend against very specific weapons or types of opponents. Others, like this Brass Gladiator Arena Helmet, were made to be protective while featuring a design that is both dramatic and intimidating.

Brass Gladiator Mosaic Helmet

Item # AH-6202B
Gladiator helmets tended to be as dramatic and theatrical as they were defensive, and none show this as well as this Brass Gladiator Mosaic Helmet. Modeled after the Thraex helmet, this armor is as protective as it is ornate.

Brass Imperial Gallic Aquincum Helm

Item # AH-6060N
Likely named for the location of its discovery, this Brass Imperial Gallic Aquincum Helm is a traditional Roman helmet with a twist - instead of steel or iron construction, which was common, it is recreated entirely in fine brass.

Brass Imperial Gallic I Helm

Item # AH-6059N
The classic shaping of this Brass Imperial Gallic I Helm makes it a great addition to any Roman look, while its unique finish - being entirely brass in design - makes it a stand-alone piece that will catch the eye and interest of all.

Brass Italic H NiederMormter Helmet

Item # AH-6302N
The imperial helmet is a classification applied to the helmet that was considered by many to be the quintessential Roman galea. The Brass Italic H NiederMormter Helmet is a replica of a historical helm found on an archaeological dig.

Brass Italo Corinthian Helmet

Item # AH-6058B
With its distinctive shape, the Brass Italo Corinthian Helmet is one of the most identifiable helmets of history. The iconic helm of the Spartan warrior, this helmet was favored by many Greeks because of its protective design.

Brass Roman Officers Helm

Item # ED8146
Our Roman Officers Helmet features a lovely full red hair plume, marking the wearer as a leader and personage of status. The Roman Officers Helm is hand crafted in brass as well, creating a truly distinctive look.

Brass Trim Crusader Great Helm

Item # MH-H0909B
Adorned with a bold cross detail, the Brass Trim Crusader Great Helm makes a stunning addition to the armour set of any knight. Handcrafted, this historic steel helmet features an angular design with its many plates riveted together.

Buch Helmet

Item # AH-6310N
The Buch Helmet is similar in style to a classic Roman helmet, although it does feature a few minor touches that give it a different silhouette. Regardless of shape, though, this helmet is just as protective as other Roman helms.

Burgonet Helmet

Item # AH-3819
The Burgonet Helmet was, in many ways, the successor to the medieval sallet. Used primarily in the late renaissance, this helmet offered similar protection to the sallet but was considered to be lighter and easier to wear.