Helmets are a distinctive part of any warrior attire, whether he or she is from the medieval era, a world of fantasy, or anywhere in between. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an absolutely huge selection of helmets, all offered from some of the top suppliers possible, to ensure that you get a helmet to protect your noggin, you do so with quality armor and with great style. Like so many other pieces of equipment from the Middle Ages, helmets are incredibly varied. They come in dozens of different styles, many of which are attributed to many different cultures. Some are more effective than others, while others are far more appealing because of their appearance. But the one thing you can rest assured of is that when you get your helm here, you are definitely getting a quality helmet that look great, whether you wear it or display it on a helmet stand as a display in your home or office. And like the rest of our medieval wares, we endeavor to offer as wide an assortment of helmets, from as many sources, cultures, and time periods as is possible. Of course, Greek helmets and Roman helmets are well-known and so we carry lots of those, ensuring that reenactors and collectors who are interested in early history can have the helmet of their dreams. We also offer Viking, Norman, and Saxon helmets, for those who are interested in the helms worn by those during the early era of the medieval times. Medieval helmets offers some of our most numerous options, ranging from sallet helms to great helmets to pot helmets and more, while our selection of fantasy helmets includes impressive examples from the world of fantasy and fiction, so much so that they are sure to be impressive no matter what. The leather helmets we offer range from medieval to fantasy and beyond, and are great for a variety of situation and uses, too. We also offer helmet stands for displaying your helmets, as well as miniature helmets for the collector who prefers to keep things small and space-efficient. And that is only a small sampling of what we offer, so if your interest has been piqued, then take a moment to browse through the helmets section at Dark Knight Armoury, to see what is out there and what else might capture your interest.

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Tankred Steel Nasal Helmet

Item # MY100667
Keep your head protected when you next head into the fray. The Tankred Steel Nasal Helmet, based on a combat helmet style commonly worn in 12th century Europe, features a unique forward tilted point at the apex of its skull.

Templar Knight Great Helm by Marto

Item # MA-945-2S
The Templar Knight Great Helm by Marto is a replica reproduction of style of helmet that was typically used by the crusaders in the Holy Lands, as well as the Knights Templar, for the whole duration of the early Crusades.

Templar Mask Great Helm

Item # AH-6110
The Templar Mask Great Helm is based on the transitional helms of the Crusades era, particularly those that were used from the 3rd Crusade to the 5th. It is noteworthy for its unique design, as well as its use by the legendary Templars.

T-Face Barbute Helmet

Item # AB0336
Exemplifying the styling of 15th century Italian armor, the T-Faced Barbute Helmet is crafted for functional use in weapons-contact re-enactments. This barbute style helmet is durably made from 14 gauge steel in an authentic design.

The Helmet of Loras Tyrell

Item # Game-14
Westeros is filled with warriors of all sorts. Among them is the Knight of Flowers, Loras Tyrell. Named for his coat of arms and beauty, this is one warrior whose name belies his impressive prowess in tourneys and combat.

Thore Steel Nasal Helmet

Item # MY100668
Prove your thunderous might when you step onto the battlefield wearing the Thore Steel Nasal Helmet. Inspired by early medieval designs, this handmade steel helmet sports riveted strips across its skull in classic spangenhelm form.

Thorsten Darkened Spangenhelm

Item # MY100551
Helmets like the Thorsten Darkened Spangenhelm grew in popular from the Late Antiquity into the Early Middle Ages. Fashioned from four or more strips of metal, or Spangen, these helms were simple to produce and effective in battle.

Thorsten Steel Spangenhelm

Item # MY100550
Fashioned from four or more strips of metal, or Spangen, helmets like the Thorsten Steel Spangenhelm were simple to produce and proved effective on the battlefield. Its popularity grew from Late Antiquity into the Early Middle Ages.

Thracian Helmet I

Item # AH-6206
For a soldier, this Thracian Helmet I was far too constricting, limiting vision and other senses. For a gladiator, this helmet was ideal, since it offered an incredible level of defense not only for the head but also the face.

Transverse Plume Holder

Item # AH-6190
If you are bored with your current historical helmet, try using one of these plume holders to spice up your style! The Transverse Plume Holder allows you to proudly show off your helmet with a dramatic plume on top.

Trojan Helmet

Item # ZS-910923-BK
History buffs can delight in the excellent styling of this fantastic historical helmet. The Trojan Helmet features the extended guards along the sides of the face and nose guard typical of various Greek and Roman helmets of the time.
$89.00 $80.10

Trojan War Helmet

Item # AH-6120
With its classic Greek styling and appearance, it is not difficult to picture an ancient Greek hero wearing the Trojan War Helmet as they charge into battle. This helmet offers full protection as well as an impressive black plume.