Harvest Fine Dining Collection

Autumnal tones can be so friendly and inviting. Infuse them into your table setting, and you will create a scene that just invites your guests to dinner! The Harvest Fine Dining Collection is all about autumn and the harvest season, when farmers enjoy the bounty of their crop and many more give thanks over grand meals for all that they have, both now and throughout the year. This collection consists of a variety of pieces, in a variety of styles, yet all stay securely in the theme of autumn, harvest, and Thanksgiving. Pewter antler flatware sets are perfect for feasting with, while gourd pitchers, pumpkin bowls, leaf trays, and turkey dishes all evoke not only the fall season but the Thanksgiving holiday. Rich pewter, fine wood, and elegant glass combine together, providing solid construction and elegant appeal in a number of pieces that are perfect for semi-casual or formal use. More than just the typical elements, though, we also offer bottle stoppers, carving boards, desert stands, salt and pepper shakers, napkin rings, gravy bowls, and serving dishes, all so that you can create the harvest, Samhain, autumn, or Thanksgiving theme you that desire. The Harvest Collection is all about bounty and beauty, bringing together elements of the fall season that are sure to add some inviting appeal to your dinner table.
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Pewter Sunflower Dip Bowl

Item # VH-G413SF
Crafted with care, the Pewter Sunflower Dip Bowl features a clear glass bowl that nestles inside a highly detailed pewter sunflower. Designed by artist Helen Richard, the sunflower appears in full bloom with accurate detail.

Pewter Turkey Cheese Pick Set

Item # VH-G883T
Festive, unique, and whimsical, the Tom Turkey Cheese Pick Set features the pewter figure of a Tom turkey holding eight cheese picks. Each pick is topped with a tiny, detailed turkey of its own, making this a great seasonal piece.

Pumpkin Dessert Stand

Item # VH-G428P
Present your festive autumn desserts on this wonderful Pumpkin Dessert Stand. The thick beveled-edge glass tray includes a detailed pewter pumpkin in the center that makes this the perfect display for your seasonal treats.

Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Set

Item # VH-R116H
Finely crafted from cast, polished pewter, the Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Set looks like it could have come straight from the harvest Farmers Market. These seasoning shakers make a fine gift for the hostess who loves entertaining.

Tom Turkey Gravy Bowl

Item # VH-G117T
Festive and unique, the pure pewter Tom Turkey Gravy Bowl looks great on your celebratory table. A plump figure, the body of this turkey features fine details that show off the nobility of a fully plumed wild turkey.

Turkey Butter Dish

Item # VH-G108T
Considered a symbol of abundance and gratitude by Native Americans long before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, the Turkey Butter Dish presents an elegant pewter figure of a male turkey in full plumage as the lid.

Turkey Napkin Ring

Item # VH-G115T
The glorious plumage of a wild turkey adds to the unique design of the pure pewter Turkey Napkin Ring. Each ring is a perfectly detailed miniature of a Tom with a full feathered tail spread wide in a dramatic display.

Turkey Salt and Pepper Shakers

Item # VH-K116T
Finely crafted from high quality pewter, the Turkey Salt and Pepper Shakers will put the finishing touch on your autumn table. Ideal for Thanksgiving or other seasonal events, these turkeys are sure to charm your guests.

Turkey Serving Tray

Item # VH-H111T
Sure to become a Thanksgiving heirloom, the Turkey Serving Tray offers an excellent functional piece for your seasonal dinner parties. This pewter tray displays a wild turkey settled atop a bed of autumn fruits and vines.

Wild Turkey Bottle Stopper

Item # VH-V960KT
A magnificently detailed figure of the noble wild turkey rests atop this pure pewter Wild Turkey Bottle Stopper. The extreme attention to the detail and beauty of this piece fully captures the dignity of this noble American bird.