Halloween Decorations

With our Halloween decorations in your home or haunted house, you will definitely have the spookiest style around! We carry a range of Halloween home decor and home accents for adding an eerie vibe to any setting. Here you will find all our Halloween home props for decorating, including jack-o-lantern misters, decorative skeletons, wall signs, and more featuring creatures and graphics from classic Halloween horror. We offer home decor depicting grinning skulls, scary monsters, witches both pretty and frightening, and much, much more. Halloween decor also includes animated props and home accents great for terrifying trick-or-treaters or members of your own family, like our spinning skull heads, animatronic corpses, mist makers, and poseable skeleton bodies.

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12 Foot Hanging Zombie Man

Item # FM-67122
How big can zombies get? Well, if you take into account the 12 Foot Hanging Zombie Man, the answer is very big. This impressively sized zombie actually is 12 feet tall, and it is every bit as mean and hungry as its smaller zombie kin.

5 Piece Bloody Finger Set

Item # FM-65166
Before a zombie apocalypse, dozens of groups were notorious for cutting off fingers. After a zombie apocalypse, there is only one group that can be blamed for the 5 Piece Bloody Finger Set, and the culprits are zombies.

Bag of Skeleton Bones

Item # FM-62414
One look at this Bag of Skeleton Bones, and you will think you are looking at a skeleton body, all contained in one bag! This impressive bag contains 13 bones of various shape and size, ranging from skulls to hands to leg bones and more!

Bag of Zombie Limbs

Item # FM-66521
Why anyone would go to the trouble of gathering a bunch of severed zombie limbs into a bag during a zombie apocalypse is anyones guess. But it was done, and now you can use the Bag of Zombie Limbs to suit your own horrific needs.

Biohazard Zombie Warning Tape

Item # FM-68612
The whole purpose of this Biohazard Zombie Warning Tape is not to keep zombies at bay, but to ward off humans who might be approaching the area. This tape is a mimicry of classic warning tape with a zombified twist.

Bleeding Zombie Bowl

Item # FM-64609
Just when you thought that zombies could not get any more gruesome, you are introduced into this accessory. The Bleeding Zombie Bowl is not just a decapitated and battle-damaged zombie head. It is a bowl for candies and more.

Bloody Zombie Intestines

Item # FM-65986
Anyone who has ever fought a zombie knows that they do not have need of virtually any organ in their body, which is why survivors find Bloody Zombie Intestines discarded or held in the hands of the zombie they belong to!

Butcher Shop Brain

Item # FM-66518
Imagine opening the refrigerator and finding a brain sitting on a plastic butchers tray right in front of you. As disturbing as it sounds, it could happen to you or to others if you pick up the gruesome and gory Butcher Shop Brain.

Butcher Shop Heart

Item # FM-66519
Have a heart. No, literally, have a freshly butchered heart. They are rich in protein and sodium, or so the nutritional facts say. The Butcher Shop Heart is a novel and disturbing cut of meat served up on a white butcher tray.

Celtic Cross Tombstone Prop

Item # RC-6046
Nothing quite inspires horror like a tombstone and this Celtic Cross Tombstone Prop is a killer accent that looks like it comes direct from a graveyard! We promise that no grave-robbing was actually committed to make this available.

Classic Zombie Figurine

Item # CC9246
This Classic Zombie Figurine depicts a part of zombification that most do not get to see. But then again, when zombies arise, most people are too busy fighting for their life to stop and look at a corpse that has turned but not risen.

Color Changing Realistic Brain

Item # SU-N0288
Nothing is quite as eerie as catching sight of a realistic looking brain. Even odder is when the brain starts to glow and change colors, which is exactly what the Color Changing Realistic Brain does, making it an ideal prop for horror.