Greek & Roman Bracelets

Whether you want to dress as a gladiator or one of the Greco-Roman elite, you can find the ideal Greek and Roman Bracelets for your historical look here! We carry a fun selection of Roman and Grecian bracelets in a mix of styles ranging from stitched and woven leather bracelets to gold-plated torc bracelets to colorful beaded bracelets and everything in between. These Greek and Roman bracelets, wristbands, cuffs, and other wristwear pieces look great on anyone aiming for Hellenistic style for a special event like a toga party or historical reenactment or just for everyday wearing. Take a moment to browse among our selection, and you are sure to find the perfect Roman or Greek bracelet to suit your taste!
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Roman Turquoise and Gold Bead Bracelet

Item # WR-RTGB
Whether you are dressing up in a Roman costume for a party or just want to adopt some classic style into your wardrobe, look no further than the Roman Turquoise and Gold Bead Bracelet. This bracelet makes a great addition to any outfit.

Signe Fantasy Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0744
Whether a rogue or bandit, the idea of infinity can be a powerful personal symbol. The Signe Fantasy Cuff Bracelet makes a great option in order to wear that symbol. This handmade bracelet is a wonderful addition to many ensembles.

Silver Plated Roman Torc

The Romans were a fashionable people, whose chosen accoutrements often included items like this Silver Plated Roman Torc. This accessory is packaged on its own card, which features colorful Roman art as well as historical facts.

Silver Plated Twisted Roman Torc

Romans, as a people, liked to be on the cutting edge of fashion, and at one point, many found themselves wearing decorations similar to this Silver Plated Twisted Roman Torc. This accessory is offered attached to a historical facts card.