Greek Jewelry

Fans of Greek culture and history are sure to appreciate the lines of Greek jewelry offered here. These Greek accessories are perfect for anyone enamored with this ancient culture. Featuring designs ranging from mythological figures to Grecian coins, each piece of Greek jewelry represents an aspect of Greek culture. This collection of Greek pendants, Greek bracelets, Greek rings, Greek earrings, and other Greek accents shows off the owl of Athena, other animals important to the Ancient Greeks, Medusa, Spartan helmets, and various symbols and icons. Made from pewter, gold, silver, and other fine materials, this Grecian jewelry works well for everyday wear, costume attire, or special occasions. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find something that catches your eye!
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Aadi Coin Necklace

Item # AJ-0737
Many people believe that coins can bring a bit of luck. Wear the Aadi Coin Necklace on your next adventure whether you are in medieval or modern garb. This necklace makes a wonderful personal accessory, especially for fantasy events.

Agota Swirl Viking Bracelet

Item # AJ-0742
The spiral has a long association with magic and its workings. The Agota Swirl Viking Bracelet looks wonderful on the wrist of any sorcerer or ruler. This cuff bracelet looks wonderful as a part of any modern or medieval ensemble.

Aodhan Medieval Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0743
Nobles, warriors, and other important people across history wore jewelry. The Aodhan Medieval Cuff Bracelet looks great with many historical styles. This handmade bracelet also makes a wonderful accessory for many modern ensembles.

Black Stainless Steel Spartan Helmet Ring

Item # AST-1041
The Black Stainless Steel Spartan Helmet Ring clearly takes inspiration from the historical legend of Leonidas I and his army of Spartans. Celebrate these ancient warriors with this elegant and unique addition in Greek jewelry.

Caduceus Amulet

Item # 090-JA03
Based on the staff of classic god Hermes, the Caduceus has since become a symbol for healing. Featuring two snakes intertwined around a winged staff, wear this elegant charm to promote wellbeing in your own life.

Coventina Roman Earrings

Item # AJ-0784
The classical world was familiar with moonstone and the elegance it could bring. A stylish lady would not go without these Conventina Roman Earrings. They are a truly versatile piece of jewelry for historical and modern outfits.

Devona Roman Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0740
Rulers of ancient and magical kingdoms know they must look the part. They wear accessories like the Devona Roman Cuff Bracelet for a truly regal look. This bracelet looks great in many settings, such as faires and conventions.

Elyssa Fantasy Cuff Bracelet

Item # AJ-0741
The braided or woven motif is a common theme across time and space. The Elyssa Fantasy Cuff Bracelet continues that theme as a beautiful accessory. It makes a great addition to a variety of styles as a part of an outfit or costume.

Gold Plated Gree Coin Necklace

Item # WR-GCPG
This is a gold plated pewter reproduction of a 22ct gold plated Greek owl coin supplied on a necklace. The information on the reverse of the card describes how Greek mythology appears on Greek jewelry designs and coinage.

Gold Plated Greek Key Design Ring

This Gold Plated Greek Key Design Ring is made from lead-free pewter, plated in 22ct gold, and features an attractive design. It is supplied on a card that is full color on the front with historical information on the reverse.

Gold Plated Greek Owl Coin Ring

Elegant and simple, this Gold Plated Greek Owl Coin Ring features a flat coin face that depicts a stylized owl on its surface. It is supplied on an information card that is full color on the front with information on the back.

Gold Plated Greek Owl Necklace

Item # WR-GOPG
This Greek owl is made from lead-free pewter, plated in 22ct gold and is supplied on a waxed cord. The information card is full color on the front and has historical information on the reverse. It makes for a great personal accessory.