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The Hellenistic period played a major role in the development of the Western world, influencing warfare, science, language, politics, and the arts. Show your appreciation for the culture of Ancient Greece with our variety of Greek decor and Greek collectibles. Inspired by Greek mythology, literature, and history, our Greek statues include figures like Zeus, Athena, Socrates, Achilles, Hoplite soldiers, King Leonidas, Aristotle, and many more. Our Greek gifts and other merchandise extend even further with a selection of Greek keychains, pencil toppers, Grecian coin replicas, thimbles, and chess sets. Pick out a fantastic Greek plaque to hang on your wall, or show off a Greek end table in your home or office. History buffs and collectors are sure to appreciate the wide range of products you can find here!

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Medusa Head Wall Plaque

Item # CC12745
The ancient Greek people found much meaning in the story of Medusa, decorating their own shields and coins with her visage. Remember the gorgon of myth and her defeat by the hero Perseus with the Medusa Head Wall Plaque in your home.

Medusa Key Ring

Item # WR-MEKR
This Medusa Key Ring is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied on a quality key-chain. The Medusa Key Ring is a great gift idea for that Greek, mythology, or monster enthusiast in your life or everyday use for yourself.
$6.00 $5.40

Medusa Trinket Box

Item # CC11505
With hand painted details that resemble stonework, the Medusa Trinket Box serves as a reminder of the legend surrounding this mythic figure. The deadly gorgons face is depicted on the lid of the container, frozen in a grim shriek.

Pan Ashtray

Item # CC8294
The Pan Ashtray features a Celtic bowl, with three images of Pan on the sides. In Greek mythology, Pan is the companion of the nymphs. He is the God of shepherds and flocks. This ashtray is made of cast resin and painted by hand.

Pan Tea Light Holder

Item # TL-3346
The Greek god Pan is a lord of nature, and as such, all wild places fall into his godly domain.You do not have to go to Greece for a romantic twilight in Pans domain. Just enjoy the calm ambiance of the Pan Tea Light Holder!

Parthenon Planter

Item # OL-FS002
Named for the ancient temple of the goddess Athena, the Parthenon Planter brings an antique regal style to any garden decor. This large, rectangular planter has sculpted sides depicting horseback warriors charging into battle.

Plaque of the Ergastines

Item # SC8798
Based on the famous art piece of the same name that resides in the Louvre, the Plaque of the Ergastines depicts six Ergastines, who were in charge of weaving offerings to Athena, meeting two priests on the road to an assembly.

Sepulchral Warrior Plaque

Item # SC8797
The Sepulchral Warrior Plaque is something that looks like it was taken from the tomb of a powerful warrior of ancient Greece. Maybe Achilles, Odysseus, and Alexander the Great should check their decor for missing pieces of art.

Skull of the Cyclops Polyphemus

Item # CC11895
One of the most well-known Greek myths would be the story of Odysseus. Early on his journey home, he made himself known as Nobody and bravely faced the one-eyed monster who is now memorialized by the Skull of the Cyclops Polyphemus.

Small Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Pillow

Item # ZB-2331
Deep within the dungeon of a Gothic castle, this lethally beautiful snake queen waits for her next victim to arrive. This Small Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Pillow is a great way to add a unique touch to the look of your home decor.

Small Mediterranean Column

Item # OL-FS8221
The Small Mediterranean Column brings a beautiful historical touch to your home or garden decor. This fiber stone column features ornate, three-dimensional leaf designs on its short stem as well as a square top platform and base.

Spartan Coin Set

Item # DL-1012
You are among the fiercest warriors who have ever walked the Earth, but half of every conquest is seizing the economy. Establish dominance over your tabletop gaming session when you put the Spartan Coin Set into circulation.