Greek Home Decor

The Hellenistic period played a major role in the development of the Western world, influencing warfare, science, language, politics, and the arts. Show your appreciation for the culture of Ancient Greece with our variety of Greek decor and Greek collectibles. Inspired by Greek mythology, literature, and history, our Greek statues include figures like Zeus, Athena, Socrates, Achilles, Hoplite soldiers, King Leonidas, Aristotle, and many more. Our Greek gifts and other merchandise extend even further with a selection of Greek keychains, pencil toppers, Grecian coin replicas, thimbles, and chess sets. Pick out a fantastic Greek plaque to hang on your wall, or show off a Greek end table in your home or office. History buffs and collectors are sure to appreciate the wide range of products you can find here!

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Corinthian Silver Didrachm Replica Coins

This is a reproduction Corinthian Silver Didrachm Coin with Athena wearing a helmet on the obverse and a flying Pegasus on the reverse. These Corinthian Silver Didrachm Replica Coins come 10 in a pack.

Doral Column - 29 Inches

Item # OL-FSP2012-29
Bring historical beauty into your home or garden with the Doral Column. This short column pedestal is the perfect accent for any indoor or outdoor decor. Great on its own, it can also elevate your favorite potted plants and statues.

Fineline Corinthian Column - 29 Inches

Item # OL-F81429
Bring the beauty of ancient Rome and Greece to your own home, garden, or outdoor decor with the Fineline Corinthian Column. This classical pedestal has handcrafted detail based on the ornate Corinthian order of column design.

Fineline Corinthian Column - 72 Inches

Item # OL-F81472
Based on the most ornate style of ancient Greek and Roman column design, the Fineline Corinthian Column is a statement-making piece for your home, outdoor, or garden decor. This classical architecture column stands at six feet tall.

Fineline Corinthian Column - 84 Inches

Item # OL-F81484
With ornate, handcrafted detailing just beneath its flat top platform, the Fineline Corinthian Column adds classical beauty to your home interior or outdoor decor. This Greco Roman-inspired, Renaissance column is seven feet tall.

Fineline Corinthian Column - 96 Inches

Item # OL-F81496
Like architects of the Renaissance and the ancient Greeks and Romans before, you can bring majestic beauty to your indoor or outdoor decor with the Fineline Corinthian Column. This ornate, classical column stands eight feet tall.

Fineline Ionic Column - 29 Inches

Item # OL-F81229
Enjoy the elegant architectural styles of ancient Greece and the Renaissance with the Fineline Ionic Column. This classical architecture column is perfectly sized for showing off statues or potted plants in outdoor or indoor decor.

Fineline Ionic Column - 48 Inches

Item # OL-F81248
The artistry of ancient Greek architecture found much popularity during the Renaissance. Add classical beauty to your home or garden with the Fineline Ionic Column. This hand detailed decorative column has tasteful historical style.

Fineline Ionic Column - 72 Inches

Item # OL-F81272
Like ancient Greece and Renaissance nobles before, you can bring beauty to your surroundings with the Fineline Ionic Column. This six foot column is perfect for incorporating classical elegance into interior design or outdoor decor.

Fineline Ionic Column - 84 Inches

Item # OL-F81284
Transform your home with architecture admired by the Renaissance and developed by the ancient Greeks when you add the Fineline Ionic Column to your interior design or outdoor decor. This classical column stands at seven feet tall.

Fineline Ionic Column - 96 Inches

Item # OL-F81296
The Fineline Ionic Column adds magnificence to any outdoor or interior decor. Inspired by architectural styles developed by ancient Greeks and revived during the Renaissance, this massive classical column stands at eight feet tall.

Greek Coin Set

Item # DL-1006
Whether your tabletop campaign sees you as an Athenian waging war with Sparta or as a philosopher sitting around a table discussing life over mugs of hemlock, you need the right props. Bring your game to life with the Greek Coin Set.