Gothic Rings

Are you looking for that perfect gothic ring to add to your growing collection of gothic jewelry? Then you have come to the right place! We carry many types and styles of gothic bands and gothic fashion rings for men and women to enjoy. Our bat rings, pentagram rings, skull rings, skeleton rings, and vampire rings are only a small sampling of the many designs you have to choose from. Many of our goth rings are made of fine English pewter, steel, or sterling silver, and a number of them feature sparkling gemstone accents, colorful enamel, and other excellent details. We offer multi-finger rings, engagement rings, rings with blades, poison rings, signet rings, and bike chain rings, as well as other eccentric options. These gothic jewelry rings will suit casual or formal apparel, so take a moment to browse our inventory to find one that suits your taste!
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Steamhead Gearpunk Ring

Item # AG-R186
Behold, the first punk automaton! This surreal Steamhead Gearpunk Ring is a combination of steampunk and gothic style, featuring a cranial opening that reveals the innermost workings of this unique and intriguing steampunk phenomenon.
$69.00 $62.10

Sub Rosa Poison Ring

Item # AG-R209
A symbol of secrecy since ancient times, the bloom serves as an emblem of covert knowledge and private meetings. The Sub Rosa Poison Ring offers a literal interpretation with a toxic offering held within its hidden chamber.

Talons Gripping Skull Ring

Item # WH-CR05557
A malevolent presence is definitely visible in the appearance of the Talons Gripping Skull Ring. This stainless steel ring combines the claws of an unknown ferocious beast with a traditional gothic skull in its design.
$10.00 $8.50

The Grim Hood Ring

Item # AG-R40
When you wear The Grim Hood Ring, others will find themselves asking if their time has come - after all, it is not every day that one finds that the reaper has come to see them, disguised as a ring on the finger of a friend!

Triple Skull Silver Ring

Item # PS-TR3756
Show you have an appetite for destruction with the Triple Skull Silver Ring. These three skulls make for a great gothic accent to wear, whether you are dressed in the latest fashions or going as a dark lord or count to the fair.

Twin Heart Promise Ring

Item # AG-R226
It has long been believed that each person started as half of another being, ripped away from their soul mate before beginning life on this world. This idea of two halves has been beautifully embodied by the Twin Heart Promise Ring.

Vamp Ring

Item # AG-R152
The Vamp Ring shows subtle indication of a vampires affinity with crystallized fangs. An advantage of this pewter Vamp ring is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance.
$35.00 $31.50

Venetian Vanity Ring

Item # AG-R168
Welcome to Carnival, where deception, intrigue, and mystery all go hand-in-hand as you participate in the masquerade of a lifetime. Make sure you wear your Venetian Vanity Ring as a part of your stunning ensemble.
$40.00 $36.00

Victoria's Glad-Rocks Ring

Item # AG-R161
The Victorias Glad-Rocks Ring shows a jewel to be seen in, on an especially dark and different night. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes.
$37.00 $33.00

Vis Viva Dragon Ring

Item # AG-R183
This ring is almost a force unto itself, possessing an impressive style and a level of detail that means it is bound to get noticed. When you wear the Vis Viva Dragon Ring, you will be sure to get noticed along with it.
$32.00 $28.80

Wicked Heart Ring

Item # AG-ULFR6
Is your style of love filled with angel wings and harp music, or do you like to be just a little wicked? The Wicked Heart Ring displays a bright red enamel heart with silvery, pointed horns and a twining, forked tail.

Winter Garden Crystal Ring

Item # AG-R137
The Winter Garden Crystal Ring features an ivy-covered Austrian crystal, spanning two fingers like a neglected, Victorian garden. This gothic ring is made from fine English pewter that offers a brilliant gleam.
$63.25 $56.93