Gothic Pendants

We have many appealing styles of gothic pendants. Our variety of eye-catching gothic necklaces and pendants come at affordable prices, especially for their level of detail and craftsmanship. Many of our goth pendants are cast from fine English pewter, and a number of them also feature sparkling Swarovski crystals, enamel, beads, and other accents. We offer goth necklaces that come on a chain, cord, or ribbon, as well as goth pendants that are sold individually. Our gothic bat pendants, gothic cross pendants, gothic dragon pendants, gothic pentagram pendants, gothic skull pendants, gothic spider pendants, and other striking pieces ensure that there is something to suit any taste. Pick one out as a personal accessory, or choose one to be a stunning gothic gift for a special someone!
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Black Rosifix Necklace

Item # AG-P758
A symbol of deep devotion, passion, and eternal mystery, the Black Rosifix Necklace offers an enigmatic accent for pious lovers. The gothic cross necklace is entwined by black roses with the blossoms at each extremity.

Black Skull Head Necklace

Item # SC2378
Skulls are generally seen as a staple in gothic fashion, along with the color black. The Black Skull Head Necklace takes gothic jewelry to the next level with its malevolent skeleton grin and its sleek, darkened metal look.

Black Star Necklace

Item # AG-P775
The Black Star Necklace displays a stark open pentagram enameled in black. An ancient symbol with many interpretations, some say the open pentagram represents outgoing awareness, actively approaching the challenges that lay ahead.

Black Trinity Trident Necklace

Item # AG-P686
This three-pronged fork of the demons signifies the wearers intent to cast darkness over all that lies before them. Worn and wicked, few can deny the devilish appeal that is a part of the Black Trinity Trident Necklace.

Black Widow Spider Necklace

Item # SC2640
With our Black Widow Spider Pendant, you can adorn your neck with one of the most notorious arachnids around. Made of lead free pewter, this charm depicts the spider in style, embellished with a stunning red jewel at its center.

Blackened Skull Necklace

Item # FJ-115
Nothing quite compares to a skull worn around the neck when you are looking for gothic style. Nothing, except perhaps a black skull! This Blackened Skull Necklace is a gothic accessory at its finest, possessing great style and color.

Blade of Deception Necklace

Item # AG-P648
Deception is an age-old tactic that goes back as far as mankind does. The Blade of Deception Necklace is a symbolic accoutrement that is perfect for anyone whose loyalty is not only fleeting, but also dangerously capricious.
$25.00 $22.50

Bleeding Heart Necklace

Item # AG-P550
A cascade of crystal blood droplets pours from the cruel wounds of this tortured love. The Bleeding Heart Necklace displays a battered and bloody heart set among several skulls and ornate scrollwork details.
$89.00 $80.10

Blood Heart Necklace

Item # AG-P746
The black roses and bloody red heart of dispassion serve as a tell-tale mark of the femme fatale in this lovely gothic necklace. The Blood Heart Necklace is crafted from fine English pewter and hangs on a black satin ribbon.

Blood Moon Necklace

Item # AG-P447
The Blood Moon Necklace creates a scene from one of the most dangerous nights of the lunar calendar. This full moon pendant features a vivid red crystal accent surrounded by a colony of vampire bats in flight.

Blood Moon Vampire Necklace

Item # 090-CN04
The blood moon has risen, and the vampire bat has awoken from its tomb of darkness and is ascenging the night sky. The Blood Moon Vampire Necklace represents mystery and power, rumored to grant the gift of truth wherever it lands.

Blood Rose Heart Necklace

Item # AG-P721
A dark romance secretly blossoms from the life blood of a once-broken heart in the design of this vibrant necklace. The Blood Rose Heart Necklace features Swarovski crystals set beneath the blood red enamel heart.