Gothic Pendants

We have many appealing styles of gothic pendants. Our variety of eye-catching gothic necklaces and pendants come at affordable prices, especially for their level of detail and craftsmanship. Many of our goth pendants are cast from fine English pewter, and a number of them also feature sparkling Swarovski crystals, enamel, beads, and other accents. We offer goth necklaces that come on a chain, cord, or ribbon, as well as goth pendants that are sold individually. Our gothic bat pendants, gothic cross pendants, gothic dragon pendants, gothic pentagram pendants, gothic skull pendants, gothic spider pendants, and other striking pieces ensure that there is something to suit any taste. Pick one out as a personal accessory, or choose one to be a stunning gothic gift for a special someone!
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Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace

Item # AG-P630
The heart can be tangled web of emotion and a perfect place for a black rose to flourish. These twinned concepts are depicted by the Bed of Blood-Roses Necklace, which features a complex yet radiant design perfect for any lady.

Bella Muerte Necklace

Item # SC2827
Bright red gems sit in the eye sockets and adorn the forehead of this beautiful skull. The Bella Muerte Necklace features elegant vine details that appear as though carved into the lead free pewter of this stunning gothic pendant.

Black and Silver Riveted Gothic Cross

Item # AST-1165
The Black and Silver Riveted Gothic Cross possesses beautifully contrasting tones that perfectly compliment the gothic style. Designed to look like it has been wrapped in leather, this steel pendant is sure to up your gothic style!

Black Cherry Skull Necklace

Item # AG-ULFP19
Do not let the succulent design of this Black Cherry Skull Necklace fool you, as these dark fruits are anything but tasty! While not good eats, this pendant is certainly a good treat, though, as it can do wonders for your style.

Black Cross of Nails Necklace

Item # FJ-126
Few other symbols in the world can hold a candle to the cross, as this is a symbol that is popular and wide-spread, existing in many faiths and forms. And now, it exists in one more, in the form of this Black Cross of Nails Necklace.

Black Cross Skull Necklace

Item # SC2363
From a sea of black, the face of a skull emerges. The Black Cross Skull Necklace features a square cross in black, at the center of which appears the face of a human skeleton. A tribal pattern decorates the pendants metallic border.

Black Gem Spider Necklace

Item # CCJ173
This is not a fashion accessory for arachnophobes! The Black Gem Spider Necklace takes the form of a stylized black widow for a striking look. This gothic necklace makes a unique finishing touch for many different ensembles.

Black Heart Necklace

Item # SC2591
If you are seeking a gift for your cruel hearted darling, the Black Heart Necklace is a fine choice. In fact, this pendant is perfect for anyone with gothic taste. A malevolent skull grins at the center of the heart-shaped pendant.

Black Knight's Cross Necklace

Item # AG-P617
If a good knight is awarded a medal for his valorous acts, then what is an evil knight given for his dastardly deeds? Perhaps it is something like the Black Knights Cross Necklace in support of his nefariousness.

Black Marble Dragon Claw Pendant

Item # AST-1152
Practitioners of the Dark Arts often need a focus for their magical powers. This focus can be anything from a skull to a charm. The Black Marble Dragon Claw Pendant is a fine example, as its Wiccan style lends it a magic aesthetic.

Black Raven Necklace

Item # AG-P193
Intelligent tricksters, ravens seem to follow wherever the darker elements of the world thrive. The Black Raven Necklace displays one of these gothic birds as it scans the ground below for potential prey or mischief.

Black Rose in Bloom Necklace

Item # AG-P695
The most desired bloom known to mankind, the rose catches the fancy with its shape, smell, and incomparable beauty. The Black Rose in Bloom Necklace features a single rose on a long stem, crafted with intricate detail.