Gothic Pendants

We have many appealing styles of gothic pendants. Our variety of eye-catching gothic necklaces and pendants come at affordable prices, especially for their level of detail and craftsmanship. Many of our goth pendants are cast from fine English pewter, and a number of them also feature sparkling Swarovski crystals, enamel, beads, and other accents. We offer goth necklaces that come on a chain, cord, or ribbon, as well as goth pendants that are sold individually. Our gothic bat pendants, gothic cross pendants, gothic dragon pendants, gothic pentagram pendants, gothic skull pendants, gothic spider pendants, and other striking pieces ensure that there is something to suit any taste. Pick one out as a personal accessory, or choose one to be a stunning gothic gift for a special someone!
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Skull Medallion Necklace

Item # SC2475
The clock is ticking for each of us and there is no reason we cannot enjoy each moment with the Skull Medallion Necklace. Your fashion sense will have a new dimension with this daring jewelry accent, so grab one today.

Skull Poker Necklace

Item # CCJ195
The Skull Poker Necklace is a fantastic personal accessory that features gothic style in a card shaped pendant. This fantastic necklace is made from lead free metal and depicts a royal skull against a gray metal card.

Skull Scorpion Necklace

Item # CCJ178
As if a scorpion on its own was not intimidating enough, the Skull Scorpion Necklace features a scorpion that has found a way to be even more frightening and eye-catching. This attractive scorpion necklace is made up of skulls.

Skull with Ring Necklace

Item # CCJ031
Perfectly combining elegant gothic style with a tribal design, the Skull with Ring Necklace is a fantastic accessory that consists of a small skull paired with a flared ring, giving it an uncomplicated yet attractive look.

Skull with Rose Necklace

Item # SC2356
Dress to impress with the fashionable and daring Skull with Rose Necklace, which can be paired with any outfit. You have been searching for a bold new accent, and this item can be the solution with its bone chilling design.

Skullhammer Necklace

Item # AG-P754
A deathly interpretation of the Norse icon, Mjolnir, the Skullhammer Necklace reimagines the skull-crushing weapon of Thor. The Norse god of thunder could level mountains and destroy armies with his powerful hammer.

Snake Heart Stone Dagger Necklace

Item # AST-1082
An intense symbol of love, sacrifice, and temptation, the Snake Heart Stone Dagger Necklace brings with it a sense of forbidden affection. The beauty that this necklace radiates will bring a gothic flair to any outfit worn with it!

Sophia's Opus Necklace

Item # AG-P680
The Sophias Opus Pendant could also be the magnum opus of any jewelry maker! Fine detailing makes this accessory a fine choice for any fantasy enthusiast to wear, while the crystalline accents ensure its ultimate appeal.
$58.50 $52.65

Soulbringer Necklace

Item # SC2666
The haunting Soulbringer Necklace will send chills down your spine if and when you are brave enough to put it around your neck. This original portrayal of the grim reaper will not disappoint and add new dimensions to your style.

Spondeo Carpe Noctum Necklace

Item # 090-CA01
The pledge taken is truth, and the bond of love forged in this life will last forever more. This Spondeo Carpe Noctum Necklace is a beautiful work of Anne Stokes, one that draws in gothic design to create a true loves pendant.

Spyder Star Crystal Keeper Necklace

Item # 090-CK08
Spiders are well known for the intricate webs they weave, and in this Spyder Star Crystal Keeper Necklace, one arachnid weaves a web that keeps a lovely crystal well-contained, reserving its potential mystic powers for the wearer only.

Stainless Banded Gothic Cross Pendant

Item # AST-1167
The contrasting tones of silver and black are always aesthetically pleasing, which is why the Stainless Banded Gothic Cross Pendant uses these colors in its construction! The colors emphasize its fashionably gothic design.