Gothic Hats

When crafting your next gothic look, be sure to check out our selection of gothic headwear. Set off your ensemble with one of our gothic caps, or choose the perfect leather hat for your taste. Our leather top hats possess incredible craftsmanship, ensuring that they will last through years of wearing in excellent comfort and style. Alternately, browse for a quirky option like a mourning hat or riding hat with a gothic Victorian twist. Hardware and decorations on certain of our gothic hats make them ideal for gothic styles ranging from industrial to Lolita, giving you a number of options to choose from. Guys and girls can both find pieces to suit their tastes. As this is a growing category, be sure to check back regularly to see the latest additions!
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Black and Ivory Mini Hat

Item # MCI-6546
Finding the right hat that compliments your outfit can be a chore, especially if you are looking for a visually appealing hat that is not overly decorated. Hold on, we have just that hat for you, in the Black and Ivory Mini Hat.

Burgundy Mini Felt Top Hat

Item # MCI-6538
The Burgundy Mini Felt Top Hat makes for a surprisingly accessible and attractive accessory. Of course it looks beautiful with elaborate, Victorian-styled dresses, but they also compliment any elegant, regal, or otherwise noble attire.

Chain Band El Dorado Hat

Item # MCI-6128
Everyone will hear the call of the highway when you approach wearing this Chain Band El Dorado Hat. You can imagine the smell of grease, the sound of the throttle, and the black leather jacket emblazoned with your personal mantra.

Elegant Steampunk Women's Teardrop Hat

Item # MCI-6564
Elegance and sophistication are the styles of the Victorian era, and so too do they mark the neo-Victorian era and its steam design! This Elegant Steampunk Women's Teardrop Hat has it in the name, and its look does not disappoint.

Evil Within Top Hat

Item # MCI-6086
Bring out the evil hidden underneath your skin with the help of this airbrushed, laser-engraved top hat! The Evil Within Top Hat features sharp, polished 3D claws tearing through the crown as a wicked ornamental detail.

Gothic Pale Rider Top Hat

Item # MCI-6084
Dress as your own version of the infamous Pale Rider of the apocalypse with the aid of the Gothic Pale Rider Top Hat. This sharp top hat features a polished skull and crossbones ornament at the front of its hat band.

Gothic Rose Top Hat

Item # LU-290470
A good hat is not just for a gentleman to wear. A noble and elegant lady can also enjoy the style that a hat can add to her look. And if her style is Gothic Victorian, then this Gothic Rose Top Hat is just what she needs.

Lady's Rose Victorian Top Hat

Item # 201326
This Ladys Rose Victorian Top Hat is a classy element that serves well in a formal or a casual function, allowing any Victorian or Steampunk lady to adorn herself with a hat that perfectly suits her ladylike attire and appeal.
$25.00 $22.50

Mad Hatter Black Felt Top Hat

Item # MCI-6549
The Mad Hatter was not always all joy and tea-parties. He was called mad for a reason, and it had absolutely nothing to do with his temper. The Mad Hatter Black Felt Top Hat is a good illustration of his darker, crazier side.

Mad Hatter Felt Top Hat

Item # MCI-6550
No Wonderland-styled hats can compare with the Mad Hatters creations. They are a perfect blend of elements that only an insane man could dream up. Take, for instance, the Mad Hatter Felt Top Hat.

Mad Hatter Pleather Top Hat

Item # MCI-6548
Dozens of figures have famously worn a top hat, but none are perhaps quite so universally known as the infamous Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter Pleather Top Hat is deviously delectable creation inspired by this off-kilter character.

Mini Felt Bowler Hat with Netting

Item # PH-1156
Whether you are attending a wedding or simply dressing to impress at cocktail hour, this charming, miniature hat makes a stylish accessory. The Mini Felt Bowler Hat with Netting sits at a jaunty angle on the side of your head.