Gothic Earrings

We carry some of the finest gothic earrings around in both single earring and earring set options. These gothic earrings for men and women are the perfect dark accessory for accenting your look, available in a variety of designs like stud earrings, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, and wrap earrings. Our gothic post earrings include designs like playing card suits, skulls, bats, roses, spiders, hearts, and more, while our gothic drop earrings expand the selection to include crosses, ankhs, blood drops, fallen angels, and skeletons. Our gothic single earrings, faux ear stretchers, and ear wraps come in designs to fit the left and right ears, showing off daggers, serpents, razors, stars, scorpions, scythes, and other wicked icons. Our goth earrings are very affordable, making them excellent gifts or personal accessories.
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Magic Ram Horn Earring

Item # AG-E356
Intoned with outrageous Crowleyan symbolism and ritual pagan intent, this primeval totem marks the wearer as fundamentally mysterious. The Magic Ram Horn Earring is a single fake stretcher stud piercing with gothic styling.

Marie Antoinette Earrings

Item # AG-E310
These guillotine blades look like they could be fit for a queens neck, but they will have to make do adorning a ladies ears. The Marie Antoinette Earrings are a fine pair of gothic earrings that are perfect for any lady aristocrat.

Martins Earrings

Item # AG-E252
Give your gothic style wings with these Martins Earrings. Bat like in their appearance, these unique accessories blend fluttering wings with decadent jewels to create an accent that any gothic girl or vampiress would want.

Mirror of the Soul Studs

Item # AG-E271
Do you dare look at that which can reflect your soul? These Mirror of the Soul Studs are earrings that reflect both love and darkness, creating a duality that serves well the mistress who prefers to be both lovely and frightening.
$31.50 $28.35

Mort Etoile Earrings

Item # AG-E299
The Mort Etoile Earrings are an attractive pair of art-deco earrings made from pewter and featuring attractive crystals as decorations. These earrings are a clever combination that is both bright and gothic in its look.
$57.00 $51.30

Mortuarium Skull Stud Earrings

Item # AG-E342
Stare deeply into the oblivion of long-passed mortal existence with the macabre faces depicted in these earrings. The Mortuarium Skull Stud Earrings show off the grinning specters of these unfortunate souls.

Mournan Earrings

Item # AG-E283
Mortal remains that dangle from your ear, the Mournan Earrings are a respectful way to adorn yourself, even if you are in mourning. Gothic in every way, these earrings offer black coloration that sets off their skull icons.
$34.25 $30.83

My Soul from the Shadow Earrings

Item # AG-E380
The mysterious chance visit of a raven is witness to a forlorn young lovers desperate search for reason and hope, following the tragic loss of his beloved. My Soul From The Shadow Earrings are inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

Necacrosome Earring

Item # AG-E255
The Necacrosome is from the Greek language, meaning Dead End Of Body. The Necacrosome Earring embodies this concept, creating a bony design that allows the end of one body to pierce through the top of another.
$31.50 $28.35

Nevermore Stud

Item # AG-E284
Poe's timeless and tragic poem, The Raven, is epitomized in this dark homage. The Nevermore Stud lets the raven take flight while bearing a cross, ensuring that it adds something truly dark and delightful to your own look.
$28.75 $25.88

Night Sky Bats Ear Wrap

Item # AG-E345
This colony of nocturnal bats silently invade the tranquility of the night, flying against the star-studded sky. The Night Sky Bats Ear Wrap features a series of black bats in mid-flight with crystals to simulate the stars.
$34.00 $30.60

Nocti-Dame Ear Wrap

Item # AG-E392
The Nocti-Dame Ear Wrap depicts a creature who symbolizes both death and rebirth. Whether you are a modern-day vampire or the undead countess of an 18th century estate, this handcrafted earring adds a finishing touch to your costume.