Gothic Earrings

We carry some of the finest gothic earrings around in both single earring and earring set options. These gothic earrings for men and women are the perfect dark accessory for accenting your look, available in a variety of designs like stud earrings, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, and wrap earrings. Our gothic post earrings include designs like playing card suits, skulls, bats, roses, spiders, hearts, and more, while our gothic drop earrings expand the selection to include crosses, ankhs, blood drops, fallen angels, and skeletons. Our gothic single earrings, faux ear stretchers, and ear wraps come in designs to fit the left and right ears, showing off daggers, serpents, razors, stars, scorpions, scythes, and other wicked icons. Our goth earrings are very affordable, making them excellent gifts or personal accessories.
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Black Rose Stud Earrings

Item # AG-E339
Rare can easily mean appealing or valuable. These Black Rose Stud Earrings are easily the former, and hardly the later, making them easily be afforded so that you can sport the rarity and beauty of the black rose when you wish.

Black Skull Head Stud Earrings

Item # SC2377
Bone white doesnt always go with everything. For the utmost in gothic style, choose the Black Skull Head Stud Earrings. This pair of earrings combines a classic yet unique coloration with the malevolent grins of skeleton heads.

Black Star Earrings

Item # AG-E395
Supernatural forces leech from the Stygian pentacle, empowering the wearer to initiate and control, even beyond life. Handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Alchemy Gothic, the Black Star Earrings are inspired by a mystical theme.

Black Widow Stud Earrings

Item # AG-E169
The Black Widow Stud Earrings evoke the predatory power of the spider. These particular earrings embody what is seen as one of the most deadly of female spiders, allowing you to transform her into an everyday accent for your style.
$14.00 $12.60

Bleeding Heart Earrings

Item # AG-E272
Dripping with bloody crystals, betraying the emotional grief inside. These Bleeding Heart Earrings embody the pain of love. Even pained, though, love is beautiful, and thus these hearts are beautiful even as they break.

Catoptrauma Mirror Earrings

Item # AG-E334
Catoptromancy goes back as far as Ancient Rome, where its practitioners were known as speculari. These Catoptrauma Mirror Earrings reference the dark portents glimpsed through the mirror with a fracture on its pristine surface.
$27.00 $24.30

Cesare's Veto Earring

Item # AG-E257
The Cesare's Veto Earring is the 16th century Cesare Borgias Florentine solution to all political problems. The bloody dagger makes for an impressive and intimidating accessory, one that you can now feature in your everyday look.

Chained Love Rose Ear Wrap

Item # AG-E344
A lovely symbol of faithfulness and affection lasting beyond the grave, the blooming rose in the Chained Love Rose Ear Wrap is an elegant, distinctly gothic display of sentiment for those with a medieval sense of romance.
$25.00 $22.50

Chaosium Earring

Item # AG-E247
The Chaosium Earring is all about entropy. This fine accent is a chained stud and cuff that is made in pewter. Both the stud and the cuff sport the universal sigil for chaos, a burst of arrows that points in all possible directions.
$17.25 $15.53

Claddagh Heart Earrings

Item # AG-E379
Displaying symbols of love and loyalty from the 17th century, the Claddagh Heart Earrings are inspired by the Irish claddagh ring. The skull provides a modern twist, perhaps representing that the bond will transcend physical death.

Coeur Noir Earring

Item # AG-E212
The Coeur Noir Earring embodies fettered and dark passion. The name means black heart, and this earring does not disappoint, delivering a dark design that is perfect for those who embrace the darkness in their style.

Crystal Dragon Single Ear Wrap

Item # AG-E330
Dragons are notorious for their love of treasure, and this one cannot help but flaunt the enormous crystal it has claimed! This Crystal Dragon Single Ear Wrap is a way to bring fantasy to your attire, no matter what the occasion.