Gothic Cross Pendants

We carry many styles of cross pendants that have a gothic style, and many of our gothic cross pendants are made of fine English pewter from Sheffield, England. An advantage of these pewter cross pendants is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance. Pewter jewelry does not tarnish like silver jewelry. To keep your gothic cross pendant bright and shiny, an occasional cleaning with a quality proprietary metal polish will keep it looking brilliant. We offer cross pendants in a variety of styles, including dark cross pendants, chaos cross pendants, Ankh pendants, church cross pendants, and Catholic cross pendants, all with a gothic twist.
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Rose Gold Banded Gothic Cross Pendant

Item # AST-1169
For those who enjoy a classic gothic look that also possesses a flair of golden elegance, the Rose Gold Banded Gothic Cross Pendant is an ideal accessory! The contrasting tones of warm rose gold on cold black are visually pleasing.

Santiago Cross Necklace

Item # AG-P801
Also known as the Cross of St. James, the Santiago Cross was used by the Spanish Order of Santiago, or the Order of St. James of the Sword, as their emblem. The Santiago Cross Necklace is a fine example of this heraldic symbol.

Skull Cross Neck Knife

Item # MC-FM-425
A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. The Skull Cross Neck Knife is exactly this and more - stylish, gothic, and an acceptable utility and self-defense tool.

Skull Cross Necklace

Item # CCJ325
The gothic Skull Cross Necklace is a sleek and intriguing accessory that combines a series of dark symbols into a rough cross. Nails, scythes, and skulls can all be seen in the design of this gothic pendant.

Skull Crucifix Necklace

Item # SC2332
For those want a true balance between spirituality and gothic fantasy, the Skeleton Crucifix Pendant is for you. This piece of jewelry takes a cross symbol and puts a new skeleton styled spin on it to create a bold accent.

Stainless Banded Gothic Cross Pendant

Item # AST-1167
The contrasting tones of silver and black are always aesthetically pleasing, which is why the Stainless Banded Gothic Cross Pendant uses these colors in its construction! The colors emphasize its fashionably gothic design.

Two-Part Gothic Cross Dog Tag

Item # AST-1166
Some people might wear jewelry to accent their outfits, but others will wear jewelry as fidget pieces. Whether you prefer the former or the latter on that topic, the Two-Part Gothic Cross Dog Tag is the necklace pendant for you!

Winged Gothic Cross Necklace

Item # CCJ345
It might be small, but this fantasy necklace is anything but simple or plain. The Winged Gothic Cross Necklace is a stunning example of fantasy jewelry at its finest, with a design that allows it to be worn with any style of outfit.

Wings of Eternity Necklace

Item # AG-P748
Combining the spirituality of ancient Egypt and the elegant artistry of the European Renaissance, the Wings of Eternity Necklace forms a mysterious symbol of everlasting life and love, showing a black rose ankh centerpiece.
$75.00 $67.50