Gothic Bracelets

Our gothic bracelets are carefully crafted with fine materials like English pewter, delicate lace, sparkling gems, satin ribbons, and smooth leather. We carry many gothic cuffs, gothic bangles, gothic wrist straps, and other darkly beautiful bracelets to suit men and women. These designs include skull bracelets, gothic rose bracelets, raven bracelets, Grim Reaper bracelets, pentagram bracelets, vampire bat bracelets, and many more, ensuring that you can find something to suit almost any occasion. Other designs show off dragons, serpents, guns, playing cards, and even more unique features. These bold gothic accessories make excellent gifts and personal accessories, so check back regularly to see our latest additions!
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Ace of Dead Spades Leather Bracelet

Item # AG-ULA1
It is time to play your hand, and if you have this card up your sleeve, it is sure to be a winning one. The Ace of Dead Spades Leather Bracelet allows you to keep an ace up your sleeve without breaking the rules of the game.

Bacchanal Rose Bracelet

Item # AG-A106
A sumptuous bracelet with a romantic motif, the Bacchanal Rose Bracelet reveals a secret libertine passion for wine and sensual pleasures. The three black acrylic roses and grape clusters represent a lavish dark love.

Black Consort Wrist Strap

Item # AG-A109
A loyal companion offering the protection and guidance of Odin, the majestic raven glides swiftly with its wings outstretched. The Black Consort Wrist Strap displays the sculpted black raven on an adjustable, genuine leather bracelet.

Black Interplate Chain Link Bracelet

Item # AST-1075
For a fierce look that is worthy of the darkness that resides within your soul, include the Black Interplate Chain Link Bracelet. This piece adds a rebellious touch to any look, lending an edge to gothic, biker, and rocker ensembles.

Black Slimline Chain Link Bracelet

Item # AST-1069
Create a look that is tough and fierce, one worthy of your dark soul, with the Black Slimline Chain Link Bracelet. With no loss in style, this gothic jewelry is lighter and slimmer in design than the classic motorcycle chain bracelet.

Braided Cord Gothic Wrist Cuff

Item # AST-1110
Many urban environments are associated with colors on the grayscale, which makes the gothic style go well with urban fashion. Fortunately, the Braided Cord Gothic Wrist Cuff, with its extra wide body, is ideal for both styles!

Braided Gothic Bracelet

Item # AST-1098
The gothic and Viking styles align somewhat frequently, which is exactly what happened with the Braided Gothic Bracelet. This leather bracelet exhibits the dark color of the gothic style, but is also a bit Viking in its design.

Braided Leather Skull Bracelet

Item # AST-1077
For a look full of raw power and dark edge, fasten the Braided Leather Skull Bracelet around your wrist. Grim and gritty in style, this bracelet adds an extra dose of fierceness and foreboding to gothic, biker, and punk rock outfits.

Braided Rubber and Wire Skull Bracelet

Item # AST-1078
Nothing inspires foreboding like the sight of a mass of skulls. A fascinating contrast between rubber and metal, the Braided Rubber and Wire Skull Bracelet has them in ready supply, making it the perfect accessory to gothic looks.

Buckled Gothic Wrist Cuff

Item # AST-1097
If you want to add a leather wristband or bracelet to your gothic wardrobe, but you want something that will not be obtrusive, the Buckled Gothic Wrist Cuff is the way to go! It is very conservative in its double-banded style.

Carpe Diem Leather Bracelet

Item # AG-ULA7
Seize the day while you can, and do not put too much faith into an uncertain future. Freedom and living in the present are two key concepts that make this Carpe Diem Leather Bracelet more than a stylish personal accent.

Claddagh By Night Bracelet

Item # AG-A114
The claddagh ring has long been a symbol of love, friendship, and fidelity. The Claddagh By Night Bracelet adds an underworld twist, with skeletal hands grasping the crystal heart, and a skull peering from the crown atop the heart.