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Dress your best at your next historical reenactment with the wide variety of products offered by Get Dressed For Battle. We carry a range of their quality medieval reenactment supplies, including excellent chainmail, steel plate armour, battle ready helmets, medieval clothing, arming wear, and replica weapons. The chainmail shirts, mail coifs, mail voiders, and other fine pieces come in various grades of steel as well as titanium, allowing you to find the right item for your needs. The medieval shoes, period shirts, cloaks, and other pieces of medieval apparel ensure that anyone can outfit themselves in style. Also, do not just dress the part - make sure you have all the proper accessories with the selection of bucklers, spearheads, axe heads, replica daggers, leather pouches, and medieval dishes you can find here. Peruse the selection available here, and you will see a great variety of quality reenactment products.

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Baron Grade Mail Aventail

Item # AB2665
Covering the throat, neck, and shoulders with chainmail, an aventail, or camail, connects to a helmet to protect vital areas of a warrior. The Baron Grade Chainmail Aventail features a leather band that attaches it to the helmet.

Baron Grade Mail Skirt

Item # AB2423
Covering your hips and thighs, the Baron Grade Mail Skirt protects you from those who would take advantage of any gaps in your plate armor, the preferred type of armor in the late medieval period.

Baron Grade Mail Standard

Item # AB2445
Clergy in the medieval period wore a shoulder covering called a Bishops Mantle, a term which also came to be used for the piece of armor, the standard. The Baron Grade Mail Standard protects the upper chest and throat.

Baron Grade Mail Voiders

Item # AB2379
Chainmail voiders offer protection to your arms from the gaps that occur in plate armor in that area. The Baron Grade Mail Voiders offer high-quality mail underarm protection to improve the fit and comfort of your armor.

Bearded Axe

Item # XB2076
In the hands of a novice, an axe is a deadly tool, one that makes great use of brutality and simplicity. In the hands of a skilled warrior, a Bearded Axe like this simple specimen transforms into a truly deadly weapon of war.

Bellows Face Sallet Helmet

Item # AB0343
The sallet or salade was a popular and elegant headpiece in use across much of Europe throughout the second half of the 15th century. Various forms developed during this time, they all fitted closely to the front and sides of the head.

Black And White Crusader Surcoat

Item # GB0205
During the crusades, life could be very dangerous. To cope with this danger, armor and weapons evolved. From the end of the 11th century all the way to the end of the 13th century, the crusades were the center of attention in Europe.

Butted Chainmail Coif

Item # AB2547
This is the most economical chainmail, as the cost intensive riveting is avoided. Butted maille has limited historical precedent but is fine for general costuming and role-playing where strict construction is not a requirement.

Butted Steel V Shaped Chainmail Coif

Item # AB2807
A magnificent addition to the LARP or reenactment gear of those who wish to achieve a medieval persona, the Butted Steel V Shaped Chainmail Coif offers an economical and authentic design which radiates the look of a medieval knight.

Chevalier Dagger

Item # SB3960
Though knights often used swords, polearms, and long-ranged weapons, a dagger could come in handy as a weapon for stabbing and thrusting. The Chevalier Dagger features a unique squared-off pommel and curved crossguard.

Chippenham Type 1 Arrowhead

Item # XB0054
These period-style arrow heads are hand crafted in mild steel. The Chippenham Type One Arrowhead has an overall length of three inches and its breadth is 0.8 inches. No shaft is supplied.

Chippenham Type 3 Arrowhead

Item # XB0055
These period-style arrow heads are hand crafted in mild steel. The Chippenham Type Three Arrowhead has an overall length of 2.2 inches and its breadth is 0.7 inches. No shaft is supplied.