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Gargoyle Statues

It is hard to say if these gargoyles come to life when the sun goes down, if only because they are so realistic to begin with! We offer an absolutely huge selection of great gargoyle statues, so much so that we are certain that we have a gargoyle statue for you, whether it is a goofy one, a grotesque one, or a ghastly one. Of course, no matter what they look like, you can certainly bet that these gargoyles are great display pieces to have sitting around the house, not only because of their stunning look but also because gargoyles of all sorts are rumored to keep evil spirits at bay. No one really needs more evil spirits in their life now, do they? Each and every one of these medieval gargoyle statues is impressively detailed, featuring a hand painted look that makes each look like authentic stone, further enhancing its realistic look. Many are chimeras, or strange amalgams of creatures, possessing the features of several different beings all merged into one form that lives up to the gargoyle name of a grotesque. As odd as some of them are, though, they are all still great displays to have either set up in your home or office or displayed in your garden where they will serve to enhance the gothic look and feel of your surroundings. If you are looking for something spooky and sinister, you might want to pick up one of our angry gargoyle statues or one of our fearsome gargoyle statues. In contrast, if you are looking for something light-hearted and fun, one of our baby gargoyle statues or one of our foolish gargoyle statues will suit you just fine, as well. When it comes to the gargoyle statues offered here, you never quite know what you will find.
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Agamon Baby Gargoyle Statue

Item # SC9202
The Agamon Baby Gargoyle Statue is an adorably offbeat addition to any statue collection, shelf, or desk. This fantasy statue is a four-legged beast with big eyes, tiny wings, and plenty of teeth, all hand painted like ancient stone.

Armoured Guardian Gargoyle Statue

Item # CC7763
The Armoured Guardian Gargoyle Statue would look great on any desk or table you put him on. This guardian statue features a gargoyle in pauldrons and bracers, crouched over in a battle stance. This statue is made of cold cast resin.

Baby Goat Gargoyle Statue

Item # SC7578
This cute little gargoyle would make a great gift for anyone, young or old! This little kid is just starting to grow! His horns and wings are just starting to sprout. The little fella would make a great accent piece in your home.

Baby Hades Gargoyle Statue

Item # SC9035
This petite monster features a round head, adorned on either side by drooping ears and short spiral horns. With its big eyes and wide grin, the Baby Hades Gargoyle statue makes an adorable addition to any statue collection.

Baby Lion Gargoyle Statue

Item # SC7577
This cute gargoyle would make a great gift for anyone, young or old! This lion cub is just starting to grow. His mane is just coming in, and his wings are starting to sprout. The little fella would make a great accent piece in your home.

Bast Baby Gargoyle Statue

Item # SC9204
Equal parts ominous and adorable, the Bast Baby Gargoyle Statue adds a touch of gothic style wherever it decorates. This mini gargoyle figure can be placed just about anywhere. Careful hand painting gives it an ancient stone look.

Caesar's Griffin Statue

Item # OL-FS6394
With its fearsome face and stately position, the Caesars Griffin Statue is ideal for placing as a watchful guardian in your garden or yard. This large gargoyle statue is full of character and impressive, hand crafted details.

Castle Courtyard Display

Item # WU-1220
Have you ever wanted to create a medieval scene? If you have knight statues, then you can! This Castle Courtyard Display recreates a small corner of a grand castle or fort that you can use to display some of your knightly statues!

Cat Gargoyle PC Topper

Item # CC6323
The Cat Gargoyle PC Topper depicts a gargoyle with the body of a cat, wings extended from its back, and small fangs in its mouth. It is a great decoration to place on your monitor or computer tower in your home or office.

Celtic Griffin Statue

Item # TL-1645
The griffin was a legendary beast that arose in Persian and Egyptian mythologies. In the Middle Ages, the myths made their way into Europe, influencing British and Irish culture, as can be seen in the Celtic Griffin Statue.

Celtic Vampire Cat Gargoyle Statue

Item # TL-4745
Legends of winged felines stretch back for thousands of years. They often turn up in many artforms, such as the Celtic Vampire Cat Gargoyle Statue. This vampire cat gargoyle makes a wonderful Celtic inspired, gothic home decor piece.

Chained Gargoyle of Turin Statue

Item # OL-F9555
The Chained Gargoyle of Turin Statue is the perfect guardian for your garden, patio, or entryway. This outdoor gargoyle statue depicts the gothic beast in a friendly canine style, its tongue hanging out of a wrinkled, dog-like face.