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Gargoyle Incense Burners

In one legend of the gargoyle, the creature is more dragon-like and can breathe fire. Rest assured, none of these gargoyle incense burners actually breathe fire. But they will happily help blow a lot of fragrant smoke around as holders for your favorite sticks of incense. An incense burner is really a personal accessory. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, and if you really want it to speak volumes about your taste, then you will want to be quite the sight to behold. Thus, if your interests are gothic and medieval, you will love these gargoyle incense burners. They depict classic medieval gargoyles and other chimeric beasties as they sit ready to accent a stick of your favorite incense. Each one is incredibly detailed in appearance and is perfectly safe for use with stick incense. Some even feature dishes for burning cone incense, as well. So if you would like to engage in a little unique aroma therapy in the comforts of your home, there is no better way to do so then with one of our gargoyle incense burners.
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Baby Goat Gargoyle Incense Holder

Item # SC8762
Regular, everyday baby goats are adorable! They have stumpy little legs and high-pitched voices. The baby goat on the Baby Goat Gargoyle Incense Holder is cute too, just in a Gothic gargoyle kind of way. Look at its little wings!

Celtic Gargoyle Incense Burner

Item # CC10321
Gargoyles were intended to ward off evil spirits, making them the perfect sentinels for watching over your incense. The Celtic Gargoyle Incense Burner features a crouched, wizened chimera at one end of a rectangular tray.

Fido Incense Holder

Item # SC8761
Fido is a fairly common name for dogs, and the gargoyle on the Fido Incense Holder looks a bit like a dog, for a gargoyle, so it makes sense that he be named Fido. He is rather cute, looking up at you with that tusky grin of his.

Gargoyle Incense Burner

Item # CC10340
Intended to help ward off evil spirits, gargoyles appear on the rooftops and sides of many works of Gothic architecture. The Gargoyle Incense Burner features a chimera crouched on all four legs with a silver chain around its neck.

Gargoyle Incense Burner

Item # CC8453
This Gargoyle Incense Burner combines the features of an incense burner and a candleholder into one great item that happens to feature a classic, gothic gargoyle along with intricate lined decorations and patterns.

Gargoyle Incense Holder

Item # SC8763
Gargoyles are wonderful companions! They can sit there all day and listen to you, they hold your stuff without dropping it, and they do not complain! The gargoyle on the Gargoyle Incense Holder is content to hold incense for you!

Gothic Gargoyle Incense Burner

Item # SC8378
Looking as though it has come to you direct from a designer of gothic architecture, this Gothic Gargoyle Incense Burner stands as both a fine detail to have on a shelf or table as well as a great place to burn your favorite incense.

Greenman Incense Burner

Item # SC6865
This green man incense burner features a green man with his viney beard and mustache overgrown to create the base of this incense burner. This incense burner would be the perfect addition to your gothic style home.

Griffin Incense Burner

Item # SC7550
This griffin incense burner is a great accent for your gothic decor. This incense burner features a griffin bent over a stone pedestal, with his wings back and his mouth open. This griffin incense burner is made from cold cast resin.
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Mermaid Table

Item # SI-33696
Mermaids combine the beauty of the natural oceanic world with a hint of fantasy. The Mermaid Table lets you bring one of these lovely creatures into your home as a functional piece of decor for any room of the house.

Notre Dame Incense Holder

Item # SC8760
The cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is one of the most well-known churches in the world, and a large portion of that fame goes to its many gargoyles. One gargoyle seen on the cathedral is also on the Notre Dame Incense Holder!