Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons

If you are searching for LARP weaponry crafted with attention to safety as well as appearance, check out our Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons section. Based on the weaponry of long ago eras as well as inspired by elements of fantasy, Forgotten Dreams crafts their LARP swords, LARP shields, LARP pole weapons, LARP daggers, and out of high quality materials that have been crafted to look as authentic as possible. These high quality LARP weapons are made out of industrial quality foam that has been treated with a protective latex coating as well as an elastic gloss finish for extra resiliency against the wear and tear of LARP battle. No matter what your character, you are sure to find a LARP weapon or defense to suit your needs here, whether you are looking for a LARP sword with a classic, medieval look, a sinister and fierce LARP axe, or a Celtic LARP shield with a touch of elegance.
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Ancient Pugio LARP Dagger

Item # FD-1003
If your character hails from the historic days of Rome, then the Ancient Pugio LARP Dagger is a must-have addition to your ensemble. This authentic-looking LARP weapon is inspired by the daggers used by soldiers and officials alike.

Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword

Item # FD-1004
For an authentic Roman soldier look, choose the Ancient Roman Gladius LARP Sword for your LARP character. Made of shred resistant foam, this latex-coated weapon is inspired by the short swords used in the historic days of Rome.

Ancient Roman LARP Shield

Item # FD-1006
Keep your guard up in battle with the Ancient Roman LARP Shield. Made of shred resistant foam and displaying a vibrant red color, this LARP shield is ideal for defending yourself during Roman-inspired live action roleplay activities.

Ancient Roman LARP Sword

Item # FD-1008
For a full length blade with historical styling, check out the Ancient Roman LARP Sword. Featuring an austere appearance based on the weapons of old, this shred resistant, polyethylene foam blade is reinforced with a fiberglass core.

Black and Gold Chaos LARP Battle Shield

Item # FD-1108
You never know when danger could strike, which is why it is a good idea to carry the Black and Gold Chaos LARP Battle Shield on all your adventures. This accessory is inspired by fantasy design and provides excellent protection.

Black and Gold Chaos Round LARP Shield

Item # FD-1099
You need more than just protection from your opponent, you need the right protection. With the Black and Gold Chaos Round LARP Shield, you cannot go wrong. This shield provides excellent protection and is crafted with unique style.

Black and Gold Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield

Item # FD-1103
When you have the right protection on the battlefield you can feel unstoppable. With the Black and Gold Chaos Skirmisher LARP Shield, you can become an undefeatable warrior. This shield has an authentic design and realistic look.

Blank LARP Shield Base

Item # FD-1092
If you are looking to construct your own custom shield for live action roleplay, then the Blank LARP Shield Base is a great start. Slightly curved, this piece is made of industrial strength, closed cell foam in a versatile dark color.

Blue Imperial Major LARP Shield

Item # FD-1123
Make sure you take the Blue Imperial Major LARP Shield with you next time you engage in a historical re-enactment or LARP battle. This medieval heater-shaped shield boasts a realistic look and provides full functionality and safety.

Chaos Bloody Skirmisher LARP Shield

Item # FD-1017
With blood splatters across its surface, you know the Chaos Bloody Skirmisher LARP Shield is ready to face the fiercest of frays. Made of a thick, high quality polyethylene foam, this round shield is made for use during LARP events.

Chaos Double Headed LARP Axe

Item # FD-1011
For LARP warriors seeking a weapon as wicked and mighty as their own fighting spirit, the Chaos Double Headed LARP Axe is the perfect addition to their arsenal. Expertly detailed, this LARP weapon features two fearsome blades.

Chaos LARP Axe

Item # FD-1010
Expertly crafted to resemble the weapon of a fierce and seasoned warrior, the Chaos LARP Axe is made of thick foam with an inner fiberglass core. With careful detailing, this foam weapon is ready to brave the tides of LARP battle.