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Female Medieval Armor

Women have fought beside men on the battlefield for ages, defending their homes and joining military incursions. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we believe that women should have an equal selection of high quality armor to choose from when creating their fighting ensemble. We carry excellent pieces of leather corsets, bracers, gauntlets, harnesses, skirts, greaves, tassets, and more. Our female leather armor appears in a range of different styles, including striking fantasy pieces and some styled after the legendary Valkyries! Perfect for LARP events, theatrical performances, and Renaissance festivals, these pieces of female armor will make it simple for you to transform yourself into a Lady Knight, War goddess, or a Viking shield maiden. Take a moment to browse this category to see the latest pieces that have been added!
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Tigress Chain Bra and Loincloth

Item # 101670
Designed to epitomize the mighty beast inside your soul, the Tigress Chain Bra and Loincloth embraces the bloodthirsty ferocity of a tiger in a stunning two-piece ensemble that accentuates the powerful beauty that you truly are!

Valkyrie's Bracers

Item # RT-172
Even though little could harm a Valkyrie, they took it upon themselves to wear full armor wherever they went. The Valkyries Bracers are a pair of Norse-styled arm guards that are perfect for a Valkyrie or einherjar to wear into battle.

Valkyrie's Greaves

Item # RT-173
Despite being divine, Valkyries were not totally immune to harm, and so they wore armor to defend themselves from enemy attacks. These Valkyries Greaves feature a Norse design that would look great on a Valkyrie or her chosen warrior.

Woodland Bolero Jacket with Hood

Item # DK7012
Personify the beautiful appeal of nature with the Woodland Bolero Jacket with Hood, featuring a bolero style leather vest with a gorgeous full green hood attached which is made from supple forest green garment leather.