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Female Medieval Armor

Women have fought beside men on the battlefield for ages, defending their homes and joining military incursions. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we believe that women should have an equal selection of high quality armor to choose from when creating their fighting ensemble. We carry excellent pieces of leather corsets, bracers, gauntlets, harnesses, skirts, greaves, tassets, and more. Our female leather armor appears in a range of different styles, including striking fantasy pieces and some styled after the legendary Valkyries! Perfect for LARP events, theatrical performances, and Renaissance festivals, these pieces of female armor will make it simple for you to transform yourself into a Lady Knight, War goddess, or a Viking shield maiden. Take a moment to browse this category to see the latest pieces that have been added!
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Leather Rogue Corset

Item # MCI-3091
Add this excellent leather corset to your medieval wench or fantasy rogue ensemble for a stunning look. The Leather Rogue Corset is crafted from full-grain leather and heavy canvas to offer protection as well as style.

Lena Steel Chest Plate

Item # MY100227
Spies breached the southern borders. Let us discover their purpose. We present them to our noble ruler as we seek her wisdom. Our warrior princess sits proudly upon her thrown while clothed in the Lena Steel Chest Plate.

Lena Steel Choker Gorget

Item # MY100228
Arise, mighty warrior, and ready yourself. Join your sisters upon the battleground. Let us show those barbarians that our deadly talents are not exaggerated. Let the Lena Steel Choker Gorget grace your neck with its beauty and strength.

Lena Steel Spaulders

Item # MY100229
Only a fool would underestimate the power and might of the warrior princess. All foes must tremble with fear. None shall survive your brutal attack. Leap into battle with your shoulders prudently clad in the Lena Steel Spaulders.

Lena Steel Tasset Belt

Item # MY100226
Invaders dare to tread upon our northern borders. Gather the other women, and prepare to slay these trespassers. Show them no mercy. Let them fear your fierce Amazon spirit with the Lena Steel Tasset Belt adorning your waist.

Margot Leather Underbust Corset

Item # MCI-3197
A vile warlord seeks to conquer our rich and peaceful lands. The warrior queen must put an end to this menace. The Margot Leather Underbust Corset encloses the royal waist with a solid defense while enhancing the noble stature.

Rogue Female Armour

Item # MCI-3082
Gender is no barrier for the warrior who wears this body armour. The Rogue Female Armour suits any lady, whether she is a defender of the right or a member of a bandit crew, offering protection for the upper torso.

Steel Lena Gorget

Item # MY100057
Designed for warrior princesses and shieldmaidens, the Steel Lena Gorget embraces fantasy styling for a unique look. The womens gorget features a slightly smaller size that can also suit adolescents and warriors with smaller builds.

Steel Mina Armour Belt

Item # MY100323
Ladies of the battlefield can slay their enemies in style with the Mina Armour Belt. Made of 16 gauge steel, this sturdy armour piece is worn at the hip and fastened by adjustable straps. Rivets adorn the edges of the unique belt.

Steel Mina Chest Armour

Item # MY100040
Tailored to the female form, the Steel Mina Chest Armour offers a great look for shieldmaidens, lady knights, and warrior princesses. The steel armour features a bright metal finish and decorative rivets along the edges.

Steel Mina Gorget

Item # MY100058
The Steel Mina Gorget makes a great option for warrior princesses, shieldmaidens, and lady knights heading off to battle. The steel gorget displays a bright metal finish that highlights the decorative rivets that frame the piece.

Steel Mina Spaulders

Item # MY100065
Transform yourself into a modern day warrior princess with the help of the Steel Mina Spaulders! This fantastic womens shoulder armour displays a bright metal finish and is constructed from three flexibly composed segments.