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Fairy Trinket Boxes

Our fairy trinket boxes are perfect for keeping your smallest keepsakes from looking cluttered. Stylishly store your jewelry, coins, and other tiny treasures in these fairy trinket boxes. True to their names, these fantasy trinket boxes each feature an impressive style that depicts a fairy in some way, either showing impressive fantasy art on the box sides and lids or featuring the detail of a fairy statue. Truthfully, you do not even really need to have a clutter of small things to store, as these little fairy trinket boxes are great display items to have decorating your room regardless. So if you have some little odds and ends floating around your living space and you want to store them properly, you might want to consider one of our fairy trinket boxes.
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Liquorice Sugarsweet Fairy Box

Item # CC9294
Are you craving something sweet? Sink your metaphorical teeth into the sweetness that is this Liquorice Sugarsweet Fairy Box and your craving will be sated, as will your desire for a lovely fairy that is as sweet as can be.

Mushroom Fairy House Trinket Box

Item # TL-3186
It has long been thought that fairies make their abodes in the centers of hollowed-out toadstools, but that is not a mushrooms only purpose. In the case of the Mushroom Fairy House Trinket Box, they can be used to hold small treasures.

Mystic Aura Book Box

Item # CC10383
You can easily imagine this fairy delving into the mysteries of the universe when you see her image on the Mystic Aura Book Box. The fairy displays purple roses in her hair and suspends a crystal ball above one hand.

Nature Fairy Candle Holder

Item # 05-91816
Leave it to a fairy to use magic to coax flame from a flower. This Nature Fairy Candle Holder is a sight on its own, and when you combine it with a tea light candle, the image is enhanced by the flicker of soft firelight.
$38.00 $34.20

Pensive Purple Fairy Trinket Box

Item # CC11239
Seldom do we ever take enough time to just rest and think about the events of our day. Be reminded of the simple joy that comes with stopping to smell the roses with this Pensive Purple Fairy Trinket Box as a part of your decor.

Pisces Fairy Trinket Box

Item # 05-91952
The Pisces Fairy Trinket Box makes the perfect gift for those born under the sign of Pisces, which runs from February 20 to March 20. A fairy sits on top of this decorative box, and the base features a Pisces symbol.

Playful Pink Fairy Trinket Box

Item # CC11240
Who loves to play and cause mischief more than a fairy? Fairies can be some of the most impish and whimsical creatures in nature. With this Playful Pink Fairy Trinket Box, you can display a sweet pixie on top of a handy keepsake box.

Resting Fairy Trinket Box

Item # WU-1860
If there were ever a being that embodies elegance, mystery, and magic, the fairy is the one. Our Resting Fairy Trinket Box is Made from Polystone which allows for an extreme level of detail making this trinket box a unique decoration.

Scorpio Fairy Trinket Box

Item # 05-91948
The Scorpio Fairy Trinket Box makes the perfect gift for anyone born under the sign of Scorpio, which runs from October 24 to November 22. A fairy rests on the lid of this decorative box, and the base features a red Scorpio symbol.

Shy Green Fairy Trinket Box

Item # CC11241
Just like humans, every fairy has their own unique personality. While many are playful and mischievous, others can have a more bashful demeanor. This Shy Green Fairy Trinket Box depicts one such fairy with a soft, coy expression.

Small Mushroom Cottage Trinket Box

Item # 05-91922
Few people would choose a mushroom as a home, but the fairy who built here has capitalized on the distinctive features of the fungus. Red architectural details complement the red and white cap of the Small Mushroom Cottage Trinket Box.

Solitude Jewelry Box by Molly Harrison

Item # CC7659
The Solitude Jewelry Box by Molly Harrison would look great anywhere in your home. This box features Molly Harrisons Solitude fairy on the lid. The rest of the jewelry box is covered in pale blue and lavender designs.